Richmond Elementary List-serv

May 29, 2015

Upcoming Events


6.4.15 District Poetry Slam

6.18.15 Field Day (am and pm volunteers needed from each classroom)

6.19.15 Fourth Grade Farewell 9:30 am (Rain Date for Field Day)

Spotlight on Learning: Digital Literacy Coming to Richmond Elementary School

We are very excited to announce that we received a Community 2000 Innovative Projects grant to bring digital literacy to our school. Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Reis, Mrs. Rosivach and some of our reading specialists will attend digital literacy professional development this summer. Information learned this summer will be shared with our faculty and staff during 'digi-playground" sessions and faculty meetings. The digi-playground sessions will provide time for educators to try out digital literacy apps and programs. Our goal is that all students will participate in digital literacy opportunities next year. See below for information about digital literacy.

What is Digital Literacy?

  • The ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information.
  • The ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers.
  • A person’s ability to perform tasks effectively in a digital environment... Literacy includes the ability to read and interpret media, to reproduce data and images through digital manipulation, and to evaluate and apply new knowledge gained from digital environments. (Source: Cornell University Digital Literacy Website)

Fourth Grade Field Trip to Slater Mill

Spanish Classes- May

Dear Families,

In May we have added some questions and learned some new songs, as well as celebrating all that we have learned this year. Some students will be bringing home a “Maleta de Verano”, a summer suitcase with activities to review over the break. Be sure to ask your children to sing ¿Qué Tiempo Hace Hoy? Don’t forget to access the webpage for vocabulary that we are learning, activities that you can practice at home, songs that we are singing and links to sites for practicing Spanish.

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? When is your birthday?

¿Cuál es tu estación favorita? What is your favorite season?

¿Qué tiempo hace en el invierno? How is the weather in the winter?

Mrs. Martin has continued to include a Spanish Word of the week: la madre - mother, aprender - to learn, ¡fantástico! - fantastic!, la bandera - flag,


Señora Gendreau (,

Señorita Bathgate (

Field Day Request

Hi everyone,

In hopes of continuing some of our activities from prior years at this year's field day, we were wondering if there were any parents (or someone you know) who might be in the construction business and may have some left over materials "lying around". We are looking for blocks of wood of the dimensions listed below to create the following:

1. LARGE JENGA GAMES (also known as the large tumbling tower): 54 pieces of wood per game (one is great...ideally, two would be awesome!)

We would need 54 pieces of wood (2x4's) all cut the same size = 18" long.

The link that I found that would be similar to what we're looking to use to have the kids "build" follows.

( )

( )

2. THREE large blocks of wood that are 12"x12" and probably about 2" thick.

We are looking to remake our NUCLEAR WASTE carriers for our cooperative activity

The wood would be trimmed into an octagon and we would attach eye hooks on each of the sides with ropes (clothesline) and handles. The children then need to lift all together to raise and move the green colored water bottle (nuclear waste) from point A to point B while walking and working together.

Thanks in advance for any "scraps" you might have and for your support!

Kim Daigle and Jim Pucci ( )


Please remember to apply sunscreen daily before your child comes to school.

For Field Day: Please have the children wear hats and APPLY sunscreen in the morning before the bus ride to school.

Provide labeled sunscreen for your child’s use ONLY due to possible allergic reactions.

A note giving permission to have the sunscreen reapplied should be provided.

We will have a general time frame to reapply the sunscreen at 11AM and 1 PM.

Thank you for your help.

Nurse Donna

Kindergarten Registration

Please contact our main office to register your incoming kindergartener at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your help.

Summer Reading

The Richmond Summer Reading Program has started! Your child should have already received his/her log in information for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. This challenge started on Monday May 4th and ends on September 4th. Please have your child start to log the minutes they read each week on the Scholastic website - Please see the attached flyers for more information. If you have any questions please email