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We have cracked the code on how to make money the easy way 100% free

It cost $2.50 to join our business but we are literally going to pay the $2.50 for you and put you in profit immediately

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AndThanks2U Comp Plan ~ CRAZY HOT
How our team build works

  1. Join our business andthanks2u 100% free
  2. Your sponsor will pay your way
  3. Sign up for your free $20 cash
  4. Refer 4 people to do the same and pay their way
How you make money with our team build

When you join our $2.50 business for free you will be qualified to receive instant payments immediately below is how the comp plan works.

When you sign up for the free $20 you can also refer your 4 referrals and they also get a free $20. When they load $40 on their Netspend card. We will also be sending instant payments through Netspend member to member feature.

We are using the free $20 to pay your way into our program

You will pay your referrals way with the free $20 as well and receive the money right back if you are upgraded to the higher levels because your referrals pay you directly. By following our formula you will receive payments of $17.50 to $37.50 super fast which will allow you and your team to move to the higher levels even faster

Stage 1

Give $2.50 receive $10 (in this case you join for free)

Give $5.00 receive $80

Give $10.00 receive $640

Give $20.00 receive $5,120

Stage 2

Give $100 receive $200

Give $200 receive $1600

Give $500 receive $16,000

Give $1,000 receive $128,000

When your 4 referrals make $145,000 you receive a 100% matching bonus $729,000