Terrors of the Deep

By Deborah Lock

Genre and reason that I chose this book.

The genre is realistic fiction.I chose this book because I wanted to read a chapter book that gave you facts.
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In the ocean 6,000 fathoms deep and in a submarine.


  1. Jake:Jake is brave and intelligent because he volunteered to go in the deepest part of the ocean. He also shows how intelligent he is by when always answering Nicks questions.
  2. Nick:Nick is curious and a genius because he always ask whats going on. One time, when a giant squid was trying to attack them, he got the idea of blinding the squid by shining the submarine lights at the squid.


In the beginning two guys named Nick and Jake volunteered to go in the deepest part of the ocean,6,000 fathoms deep.In the middle throughout the book Nick and Jake see and face off against a ginormous Manta Ray,a giant Sea turtle, almost getting

tangled by a squid, and the worst of all almost getting eaten by a shark.Then Nick and Jake reach the bottom and start to go up, but they have to hurry because the submarine is losing oxygen.In the end Nick and Jake make it to the top of the ocean and their crew rescued them.

Theme, Book Recommendation, Connections to story

Theme: To give you facts about sea life.

Recommendation: Any one who likes science.

Connections: Jake is the same as me because he is intelligent at science.