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September/October 2015 Newsletter from Principal Erika Krohn

Welcome to new Canyon Rim staff members:

Growth Mindset

Orange Unified teachers kicked off the 2015/2016 school year learning about how to instill a "Growth Mindset" in achieving our goals for students. Canyon Rim teachers learned the differences between a fixed and growth mindset and lessons that can be applied in the classroom. Each teacher received the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck. The Canyon Rim staff is focusing on how feedback is given in order to build students who are motivated to take on challenge, learn from mistakes, and persevere.
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Write From the Beginning and Beyond

Canyon Rim teachers are focusing on writing in order to better prepare students for the rigor of high school, college and career using the program of Write From the Beginning and Beyond. This program's purpose is to give both students and teachers the knowledge and skills necessary for age appropriate writing instruction and achievement. WFTBB builds upon students' prior knowledge of using Thinking Maps. All of our students participated in a Focused Modeled Writing lesson this September to write about a summer experience. Teachers taught students step by step how to organize their thoughts and ideas into a well written piece. Many teachers have been impressed with our students' writing using this approach!

Free Public Education

As a reminder, Canyon Rim Elementary, a public school, provides a free and appropriate education to our students. Public schools may solicit and accept donations from parents or the community, as long as it is voluntary and contributing is not a requirement for participating in an educational activity. Field trip fees are considered donations. No children are excluded due to financial hardship. If we experienced a large decrease in these donations, future field trips and activities would be eliminated.

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