LOVE letter #1

NOV | make WINTER peak happen| focus on GCP

MyLDS 2015

MyLDS 2015 on 21st-26th January but but but... I have a sneak peak for you!

Pre-MyLDS on 19-20th Jan in UKM . Guess what ? WE WILL HAVE LC UMP IN THE HOUSE! Host them well ya, UKM AIESECers ^^

Heroes of the month | NOV


Gee : Most responsive and proactive members


1) Top performing members in techcycle tech4all

Caxin matched 5 eps in december realization (last updates on 29 nov)
Clarrie : managing 2malls and 1 outcampus university for stakeholders management.

Appreciation to these 2 very responsive and responsible girls in all their contribution in techcycle tech4all

Alexander Lok Kah Kit. Special appreaciation in project operation once joining into project team including skateholders engagement, booth exhibition and fetching EP as receptionist at midnight

2) ASEAN the most proactive learning members in ASEAN.

Katie and Manesha. Taking initiative to learn and actively meeting with project director to complete the project proposal

*Special appreciation to all those making our LC grow even a little by sharing the post and engage with people*

-all the above is Reward and Recognition from VPs and LC UKM to YOU who is being recognized for all your hard work! <3-

LC past events and activities:


GCP info session (winter peak)

AG 1.0


Important Dates:

After reading the LOVE letter for NOV issue, I hope that everyone have a clearer picture of where are we standing right now and have a self-reflection on what you have learnt in AIESEC that can help to achieve your goal in life.

You don't have to be GREAT to start, you just have to START TO BE GREAT =)


MyLDS 2015 on 21st-26th January

Pre-MyLDS on 19-20th Jan in UKM

AG 2.0 in 3rd week of Dec!

LCP election on 13th of Dec

Seek to understand, then to be understood!

Introducing L.A.T.T.E approach to all of you where i found it is very effective in engaging with people Eeither physically OR in virtual platform =)

Thank you for reading this till the end =) stay tuned for LOVE letter #2!

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