The Contemporary Learning Hub

May 2013 Report

Consultant Capacity

Consultants are continuing to build confidence though there may be cases of 'flying below the radar.' Some consultants now trialling alternative ways of viewing DVDs by format shifting onto iPads. Many of the consultants are working with production of video to enhance their learning and communication. There is a plethora of actively used applications that are enhancing the learning.

There is a growing demand for assistance with video conference technologies. GotoMeeting now licensed for use in Learning and Teaching team. It's still a challenge. There is a need to prepare, rehearse to understand both the shortfalls and potential of this technology.

3 Good news stories:

2013 National Partnership Project Literacy and Numeracy Reporting requirements - Production of video to assist and direct schools

Gifted and Talented program - Embracing of learning technologies - these have become an integral part of the professional development program

Video Conferencing

Numerous consultants are taking up the challenge to connect with remote clients using the GotoMeeting software in preparation for the Polycom solution.

Adult Learning Spaces

The Cafe room is the most popular learning space and is heavily booked. It would appear that the collaborative opportunities are somewhat heightened in this space and that furniture comfort and flexibility is appreciated by the adults who use this space.


Wifi is still painful for many users. Non Mac/iOS users are confronted with the need to patch their Window's computers before getting access to the Staff Network. Guest network is not really an option because access to airplay is not available and timeouts are more constant. Vista computers have a particular high rate of failure. If technical assistance is not available this situation lends itself to consultant panic.

Room and Equipment Bookings

Rooms are usually heavily booked and in some cases rooms have been overbooked. This is when a room that is not required is booked on a 'just in case' basis. This has resulted in groups requiring access to the rooms not being able to book them and yet the room may be unused at the required time.

An equipment booking app is being trialled but is proving to be quite inadequate and unsuitable for consultants to have direct access. Therefore Mike and Sam are manually managing most of the hardware requirements. (

The iPad booking app being developed by Xcite is coming soon.

External Usage of the CLH Facility

Apple has been using the CLH facility for professional learning events for educators through Xcite and Winthrop. Workshop participants come from all educational sectors. Visitors appear to appreciate the facility as an adult learning space and as an inspiration for reforming their own learning/teaching spaces.