Department of Labor law !

Government Contracts, Grants, or Financial Aid

United States Department Of Law

  • The Davis-Bacon Act,which requires payment of prevailing wages and benefits to employees of contractors engaged in federal government construction projects;

Major Points In Government Money !

Government money and grants and financial aid all flow in together , they all help you get into college if you can not pay straight out your pocket at the moment . This is a good source to help you get through your school year of college without worrys .

Blinn College ( Financial Aid )

  1. Processing takes time. While there is a large amount of automated processing there are specific requirements that must be performed manually. Expect 1-2 weeks if you respond quickly to our requests. During peak times (July, August, and January) processing may take longer due to increased work loads.
  2. Students will be notified through their Blinn email account, personal email account, and the myBLINN portal. Monitor your email and myBLINN. Instructions for maneuvering through the Financial Aid section of myBLINN are below.
  3. All students must accept their terms and conditions, and complete all other requested documentation before they will be awarded.