Going green

Try it one day!

First Tip


When buying a dishwasher go for the lowest possible water consumption. Dishwashers that use 8-10 liters per wash cycle are a good average. Programs that are "half the load," are for a few dishes. These ways you are saving money and energy.

Second Tip


First tip is too leave a gap as wide as your hand between the fridge and the wall. You will cut your power use by 10%.

Second tip- place your frozen foods in the fridge to thaw. They give off cold to the fridge and this saving electricity.

Third Tip


Use a pressure cooker for everything that has to cook loner than 20 minutes. such as potatoes and stews. You will cut your energy use by up to 30%.

Switch off the oven a few minutes before the meal is ready.

Avoid opening the door, as doing this briefly, around 10% of the heat inside will be lost.

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