The Martian

A Novel

Plot and Comparisons:

This section talks about the relations that our book; The Martian has with 4 other books we have read. As well as the similarities and differences between those same 4 books. Lastly, this section talks a lot about the main plot of the story, so be excited for that!

Setting and Characters

Next comes one of the most important parts of this presentation, the characters and the setting! This part gives a little detail about the most important characters in the book without giving away any spoilers! We also talk about the setting in this section, giving a little reasoning on why it's important to the story.

Themes and Key Passage

Now we have Themes and a Key Passage. In this section, we'll be talking about different themes we think are important to the story. Not only will this section contain themes, but we also include a key passage! In the key passage, we talk about why the book is inspirational and how that compares to different passages from the book.

Review and Literary Devices

We now come to the review and Literary Devices part of the presentation. Here's where we talk about what we think this book symbolizes as well as what we think of the book. Here we want to tell you if we think this book is a good book and if you should read it!

Author Biography & American Dream Comparison

This section gives a little background info on the author's life and who he is. We also compare the American Dream to The Martian, giving some reasons why The American dream in some cases, is like The Martian.
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Movie Comparison

Last, but not least, we come to the movie comparison! In this section, we talk about both the book and movie version of The Martian and how they relate to each other. We talk about how each version is very different and similar in each others ways.