Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism

Feedback Surveys

We conduct formal feedback surveys with parents and staff twice per year, but we'd like to conduct shorter, more frequent surveys to keep more up to date with the experiences of our families. We'll be asking families to complete a very quick survey 1-2 times per month, and we'll link that survey right here in the newsletter. It should not take more than a few minutes to complete. We welcome feedback from any caregivers who regularly interact with our team - so if you drop off a child, pick up a child, or participate in caregiver meetings, we'd love to hear from you. You don't have to be a parent. We will ask that you share your name on the survey, to allow us to reach out to you if you have any questions or concerns. Please take a minute and complete our first Feedback Survey using this link or copy and paste into your browser: https://forms.gle/94aJQZt34f5f5Lpw9. Thank you for your time!

CPR and Frist Aid Training

For last Friday's Professional Development, we completed CPR and First Aid training for our whole team. We keep these certifications up to date of course, because you can never be too careful when working with young children. This year we completed the training virtually, and all our staff used their own pillows or stuffed animals to practice on since we couldn't use the usual dummies. It was a good refresher!

Lunch Bags/Boxes

We are making a small adjustment to our COVID policy and allowing lunch bags and backpacks in the building. If you would like to use them, please go ahead and send your child's backpack and/or lunch box.

Whether you use a lunchbox, or stick with a paper bag, PLEASE make sure the lunch container is clearly labeled. We have an adult access the refrigerator to retrieve the lunches, and you can imagine how confusing it is if the paper bags aren't labeled! Thanks for your help!

Letter of the Week

We use our group Literacy lesson each day to talk about the Letter of the Week. Recent research shows that letters should not be taught in alphabetical order, but rather in order based on their use. It's most helpful to have a young child focus on learning the letters in his own name first. We focus on our children's names every Monday, with activities that teach the kids to build their names out of gems, or trace their names in fun colors, or using finger paint. To carry over at home, simply showing your child his name anywhere you have it and naming the letters in order is a great activity. If you have magnetic letters on your refrigerator, spell out his name.

In October, we've focused on N, C, and K so far, with E next week.

In September, we worked on S, A, T, I, and P.

Our kids love Jack Hartmann's letter videos. Here's the link for K (from this week) and E (for next week.) These videos may be fun to watch at home, and you can easily find the video for the first letter in your child's name, too.

Trick or Treat Goodies

We will have some fun activities for next Friday's party at our centers, and some treats for sure! We have a number of non-edible surprises that the kids will love, and we are planning on just a few edible ones.

We will be providing Dum Dum suckers and Skittles to children, in addition to the non-edible prizes. If your child is not able to eat these treats, please let your BCBA know before next Friday, 10-30-2020. If you're able to send in an alternate treat, we are happy to pass those out to your child, but we have plenty of prizes, so no one will be left out!

Trick or Treat at Strive

Friday, Oct. 30th, 8am

Burton and Brighton

We will set up trick or treat stations for the kids at the center. Costumes are welcome but not required. Send your child's costume in to the center in October to practice wearing it.

Burton Hair Cut Workshop

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 9am-12pm


You must register with Evey for a spot. Contact her via Remind or at ewright@sc-centers.com to reserve yours!

There is a $20 fee for the haircut.