Captain Phillips

The Amazing Story of a Hostage

What Happened

Captain Phillips was on a regular run when he detected pirates were after him and his crew. He then made a fake a distress call to scare them off, but that only worked for awhile. The pirates then went up next to the ship and climbed up. When they were on the crew hid but Phillips. They demanded cash and where the rest of the crew is. They only had so much cash so they took with the Captain with him in the Lifeboat. The voyage was set.

With the Pirates and After

The pirates were halfway nice to Phillips. They didn't talk to him but he keep saying that they were not going to win. After about five hours later the Navy was there to meet them. They tried to negotiate with the pirates but they wouldn't budge, so they got Muse off of the lifeboat to negotiate. They then had to execute the rest of the pirates on the lifeboat to get Phillips. They then evaluated him and he was fine.