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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

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Dear Parents,

We want to thank you for all your help and support during our art show. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Having your support to create positive experiences and memories with your children is always encouraged and appreciated (especially during this time of the year).

Your kids are ready to show their work at the Louvre Museum in Paris. hahahaha!!! They are amazing. Pretty soon, Yosimar will be visiting ISP and we will have a big surprise for him. LET ME TELL YOU!!! We collected 2,300.7 Hurray!!

Ghielmini family won our class canvas. Thank you for your participation!

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Working hard

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten- KINDER, KINDER, KINDER

Many of us have fond memories of kindergarten. What we might not remember is the anxiety and excitement we may have felt leading up to our entry into elementary school. The final weeks of school can be scary, fun and exciting at the same time, and not just for children! It's understandable for you to experience a range of emotions about your child moving from PreK to kindergarten.

When children go through big life changes, such as the transition from preschool to elementary school, they may have big feelings that they aren't able to easily communicate. In our program, we welcome you to come and talk to us about how to support children at home and ease any anxiety they may feel. We know that this is an important milestone in your child's life. We are here to support your family.

If possible, we would love for you to share photos of family members in kindergarten for us to display in our classroom. Please label all photos with your name so we can return them at the end of the year. We promise to take good care of them!

What can you do at home?

- Acknowledge your child's feelings. Know that some behaviors may be because of anxiety about the transition.

- Keep your home routines and rituals consistent. This will help your child feel a sense of security and stability at home.

- Read books about moving on to kindergarten, and talk with your child about the characters and their feelings.

- Encourage older siblings to share their kindergarten experiences, and share your own fond memories.

- Talk with families of children who already attend the school. Ask them questions about their experiences and for any advice they have for new families.

Objectives of the week

- Uses language to express thoughts and needs

- Remembers and connects experiences

- Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

- Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet

- Uses number concepts and operations

- Compares and measures

"Every child is an artist"


Getting Ready for K- Phonics and making letters

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Dahlia said "Bernardo, You should be inside this container, see the letter B"

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Thurs June 9th End of the year show

Children will come dressed in white. More information will come!

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