The feminist butcher


Neil stone was a butcher that worked for his family restaurant and one thing he hated was feminist so he created a "f slaughter house" and slaughtered not hundreds of them for years.

The meat.

So he thought he would make things interesting he decided to chop the bodies from their heads, cut them into pieces and bring them in the restaurant and use the human meat to cook and feed to the customers. people loved the dishes until some one got sick and reported the restaurant For eating "spoiled" meat. They traced where they were coming from and found the slaughter house

The feminist slaughter house.

They found blood splattered everywhere and heads hung on walls and a body that had not been chopped yet they also found a bed and a couch. the most creepiest was the names and smiley faces drawn on the walls. While in trial they found out that the names were his favorite women and he would torture them everyday and chopped each limb a day while they were alive. And also the reason why he put the meat in meals was because all of the family were up there attending meetings because business was booming while he was still a cook and no one paid attention to him so he decided to put the human meat in the food. During the trial he happily confessed to everything and was charged with murder and was executed .

Neil stone

The feminist butcher.