Line Up!

Period 4 Elements Shape up and Get in Order

Period 4 Boot Camp

The elements of period 4 ( K, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, Ge, As, Se, Br, and Kr) have undergone a shape up makeover. They are now aligned in ascending numerical order starting with Potassium having 19 protons, 20 neutrons, and 19 electrons, boiling at 759 degrees celcius, melting at 63.38 degrees celcius, being a solid at 25 degrees celcius, and living the live as a metal. The procession ends with Krypton having 36 protons, 48 neutrons, and 36 electrons, boiling at -153 degrees celcius, melting at -157 degrees celcius, and being a gas at 25 degrees celcius as he lives the life of a nonmetal.


Now that all of the elements are straitened out, they will introduce themselves notifying you of their proton, neutron, and electron count, though Potassium and Krypton have already had thier introduction.


Hello, I'm Calcium and I come after Potassium. With 20 protons, neutrons, and electrons I am necessary to maintain strong teeth and bones. I'm a metal who melts at 842 degrees celcius, boils at 1484 degrees celcius, and am a solid at 25 degrees celcius.


Behind the two of those guys I come! I go by Scandium, but you'd probably recognize me in your fluorescent lamps. With 21 protons and electrons and 24 neutrons I am a beautifully rare native of Scandinavia. Melt me if you can at a whopping 1541 degrees celcius, and good luck trying to boil me at 2830 degrees celcius. I'm a metalloid who maintains their solid state at 25 degrees celcius.


Fourth in lines lies none other than me, Titanium! I have 22 protons and electrons and 26 neutrons, and I am everywhere. Sand? I'm there. Plants? I'm there. Humans? you bet I'm there. Look around, you'll find me. I too am a metalloid who melts at 1668 degrees celcius and boils at 3287 degrees celcius, maintaining my solid state at 25 degrees celcius.


You've seen Potassium, Calcium, Scandium, and Titanium, but really, it is I, Vanadium the great component of alloys, who is here to greet you. With 23 protons and electrons, and 28 neutrons I can mix to form an awesome resistant. I live my awesome metalloid life as a solid even at 25 degrees celcius. It takes 1910 degrees celcius to melt me, and 3407 degrees celcius to boil me.


Though I am old, I am helpfull. As Chromium, over 2,000 years ago I was used by the Qin dynasty as a coating for their military's weapons. I contain 24 protond ane electrons as well as 28 neutrins like my friend Vanadium. I've been here forever, and I'm not about to go away. As a metalloid I maintain my solid state at 25 degrees celcius and melt at 1907 degrees celcius. I also boil at 2671 degrees celcius.


Coming to you from the rocks located in the depths of South Africa it is I, Manganese here in line. I have 25 protons and electrons and 30 neutrons making me very important, though I'm sure you already knew that. At 1246 degrees celcius my metalloid self melts and at 2061 degrees celcius I boil. At 25 degrees celcius I keep my cool as solid.


I am strong. I am powerfull. I am nescessary. I am Iron! Associated with stregnth and found many a place, as Iron I have 26 protons and electrons and 30 neutrons. As a metalloid I melt at 1538 degrees celcius and boil at 2861 degrees celcius. As my friends before me, I maintain my solid shape at 25 degrees celcius.


Though there is a color named after me, I, Cobalt am never found alone. Located in soil and many other forms of weathered sediment I have 27 protons and electrons, and 32 neutrons. As a metalloid who retains my solid shape at 25 degrees celcius, I'd have to say it takes a lot to phase me! It would be 1485 degrees to melt me and 2927 degrees to make me boil!


You might know me by my name which is Nickel, but you might not know that you'll almost always find me with my BFF of Iron. I have 28 protons and electrons and 31 electrons. I don't line up directly behind Iron, but together we are the power brothers. You wanna melt me? 1455 degrees celcius. You wanna boil me? 2913 degrees celcius. Hit me with 25 degrees celcius? Nice try, but I'm still a solid.


I used to be a major component of the United States' penny, but now I'm just an element found here and there throughout the world. I have 29 protons and electrons with 35 neutrons I have experience in the field of being a monetary "has been". As those before me have stated, I too am a metalloid. At 1084 degrees celcius I melt, and at 2927 degrees celcius I boil. I stay in my solid form at 25 degrees celcius as well.


Located 12th in line, and found in the depths of planet earth I am present. As Zinc I have 30 protons and electrons and 35 neutrons. I might not be a free element, but I sure am a free spirit. Being a metalloid is a bit harder than you might think! It takes 419 degrees to make me melt and 907 degrees to boil me. I'm just solid, you know? Even at 25 degrees celcius.


I do not get along well with others, and I am not naturally found here on Earth. As Gallium I can be formed by smelting. I have 31 protons and electrons and 39 neutrons. Though I am a metalloid, I melt at a simple 29 degrees celcius. It takes a whole 2204 degrees celcius to melt me, but at 25 degrees celcius, I've turned into a runny liquid.


I am similar to silicon and react with Oxygen. As Germanium I have 32 protons and electrons and 41 neutrons. As a metal I'm solid at 25 degrees celcius, but a melted mess at 938 degrees celcius. I boil at 2820 degrees celcius, so watch out.


In the elements of earth I am found anywhere from the air you breathe to the soil in the ground. I am arsenic and have 33 protons and electrons and 42 neutrons. Since I'm a metal, I'm still a solid at 25 degrees celcius, boil at 614 degrees celcius, and melt 817 degrees celcius.


I am a byproduct of others and in some cases I am able to partially replace Sulfur in metal ores. I am the mighty Selenium with 34 protons and electrons and 45 neutrons. As a metal who maintains their solid shape at 25 degrees celcius, I melt at 221 degrees celcius, and boil at 685 degrees celcius.


I, Bromine, am an element immersed in water. You'll be able to find me in seawater as well as an alternative to chlorine in some swimming pools. I contain 35 protons and electrons and 45 neutrons. As I live my life as a metal who boils at 59 degrees celcius, and melts at -7.3 degrees celcius. I enjoy getting to stat in my solid state at 25 degrees celcius.

Hopefully you've enjoyed these shaped up elements!