State Fair

Spin City

Over the summer in August I went to Wisconsin State Fair and was really excited to go and to have a good time. I couldn't wait to get all of the food that I wanted especially the cream puff. Me and my family found a chocolate factory by where the cream puffs were and tried some chocolates. When we were getting more food I got some fried sou-cine and cheese curds. Later on at night we all headed to Spin City to go on rides. At the ticket booth me and my dad found out that the bracelets were only sold until 7:00 at night and valid only until 9:00. I was disappointed that I couldn't go on all the rides that I wanted to but we got tickets instead for both me and my sister to go on eight rides. When we got are tickets to go on rides my mom and dad sat down on a bench. Me and my sister went on the canoe the most because it was really fun. As it was getting darker I went on some more rides and had pepperoni pizza that really delicious. I also did the rollar coater that was fast fun. At night time all of the rides were lit up and it was a little crowded. After I was done with the rides with my sister we headed with are parents to head back the way we came and got more food before we left. Then we went home .

by : Alexander Martinez