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World's first dragon egg dsicovered

Dez Bryant and local Texan boy discover world's first dragon in Mongolia

Written by William Dang

On March 12th Dez Bryant funded trip to Mongolia with local resident of Bedford, Texas, William Dang. The two were roaming around in the Gobi desert when suddenly Dez tripped on a rock. When inspecting the rock, William discovered that it was a mummified dragon egg from the stories he heard from the locals. When inspected by scientists it was found to be an undiscovered lizard species that resembled a dragon, had wings, ability to breathe fire, and could grow to over 50 meters.

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Provided by DragonWisdom

Depiction of the egg before it was mummified

Lebron plays one on one

Mavericks fan challenges Lebron to one on one after Mavericks v. Caveliers game

Written by William Dang

Lebron James gladly accepted William Dang's request to play one on one after the Mavericks v. Cavaliers game. Although resulting in a loss, James reported that William put up a fight. According to witnesses of the game, James won 11-5, but William did amazingly dunk on James

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Provided by You Got Dunked On

Depicton of of Yao Ming

dunking, similar to how

William dunked on James

Local Cowboys fan practices with the Cowboys

Jerry Jone Allows Local Texan Student to practice with the Cowboys

Written by William Dang

Local Texas student William Dang met Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones on May 9th, 2015. While meeting Jerry Jones, William was offered a chance to practice with the Dallas Cowboys for a week. William signed a waiver, and his practice began. William was reportedly the most studly defensive end after racking 6 sacks on backup QB Brandon Weeden during a hour scrimmage.

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