By: Glenn Dakin

Candle Man Book One: The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance


"Brady's arm stopped in mid-swing, as if frozen. His body glowed with a soft green light. And then before their eyes, he melted." This shows what happens to people when Theo touches them.

"Now, now, you may not read about history because it is not good for you. It makes your mind race, and in the condition you are in could be disastrous." This shows that his master, Dr.Saint, doesn't want him to learn because of his desese.


When something stands in your way you can always get around it if you believe in yourself and never give up.

Theo beats the smoglodoits and then he keeps pushing himself to keep going to defeat Dr.Saint.

He then escapes from the eighty-eight. (the eighty-eight are monsters that the Candle Man created for protection, but he died so the monsters will kill any one who enter their home.) Theo is then face-to-face with Dr.Saint, the doctor's bodyguards then beat up Theo. He has the option to fight and kill the doctor or he can do nothing and give up and let the world be ruled by Dr.Saint.


In this passage Theo is trying to stop Dr. Saint from summoning the gargoyles of war. Then the two start to fight, suddenly Mr. Nicely shoves the doctor off a slab of concrete to try and kill him. Unfortunately, he has turned into a human, stuck in the middle of life and death so he can't die. This dialogue shows that Dr.Saint won't stop to summon the monsters.

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Figurative language

"Skun's skin bubbled, blistered, but did not explode. Squealing with pain, the wounded imp squeezed his body feebly through the crack, leaving a syrupy brown stain behind him." (describes how the smog's skin bubbled when Theo touched him.)

"Tristus, the last living gargoyle, had spotted two helpless figures trapped among the flames and grabbed them in his arms as if they were rag dolls." (this is a simile because the author is comparing the gargoyle carrying the humans as if he was carrying dolls.)