Earth For Sale

300,000,000 lightyears

Earth Supports all life

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Interior of the Earth

The Earth has a rocky-metallic interior and is made of three layers the crust, mantle, and core. The crust has the outer layer and has many beautiful sights such as 5 oceans and 7 continents. With beautiful beaches and lovely weather this is the planet to own. Earth's mantle is a solid layer beneath the crust. although it is solid flows very slowly and can sometime crack and move suddenly under extreme sudden pressures. Finally the very center of the Earth the core, made up of iron and nickel making it very dense and heavy.
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Plate Tectonics that will Rock your world

Earth is constantly changing so it will never be the same. You will own a planet that will look totally different on a day to day basis. It looks different mostly because of all the plate tectonics that shift and shake.

an atmosphere with Air cleaner than space

Earths atmosphere is highly protective! unlike any other planet it has an atmosphere that makes the planet completely able to support all life. With the atmosphere being made of 20% oxygen and about 80% nitrogen. The atmosphere is also made up of carbon dioxide which the plants on Earth take in, and once the plants take in carbon dioxide the produce oxygen for other life forms to breath in. The atmosphere will protect you from the harsh UV rays that the sun puts off. This planets atmosphere is unlike any other planet making it the only planet to support life.

Magnetic Field

Earths magnet field is caused by its spin axis and is what keeps the earth orbiting and completely balanced at all times.

This Planet is out of this world

Scenery of Earth