An Evening with Eli Davidson

USM Graduate shares exactly how she became a Wealthy Coach!

One Night Only - Wednesday, February 24th, 7pm

Staring at your schedule and that blank computer screen and you ask yourself...

"Where are my clients?"

Do you feel like you are sharing your heart and offering your gifts from the highest mountain..

and still not feeling seen or heard?

Do you spend hours each day marketing and outreach and still don't have clients

that can afford to pay you?

I've been exactly where you are.

For 4 years I led a double life.

I had a medical consulting company during the day to support my being able to

afford to coach clients at night.

After my 'engage-acation' ( my fiance broke off our engagement 6 weeks before our wedding) I needed to

find a way of making my coaching business work. Fast.

I gave back a diamond and became obsessed by that symbol.

My intention was to find the diamond of value within myself. Then I had a calling

to offer that diamond inside of me to the clients that would value it.

Spirit led me to develop a system.

In under 6 months,I had my first $100,000 day of sales.

From there I I built my coaching business to

over $1million of clients in 2 years.

Even more importantly, my clients have achieved their own remarkable results.

Their results range from having their $1million dollar coaching businesses,

to getting the NFL, NBA as clients to being offered their own TV shows and

getting investment from Sir Richard Branson

One Night Only l am in LA sharing this system with you.

*How to answer the question, "What do you do?" To instantly attract

clients craving your work.

*Discover what are the 3 exact steps that build coaching businesses

without them you could struggle for years. (Please let me save you the

4 years of living a double life.)

*Uncover the unspoken difference of a young market and mature market

and how that impacts the decision every single potential client.

This evening is my gift to serious USM coaches who are committed to serving

their clients and the world.

This is for you if you have chosen to make coaching

the way you earn your living. And you are a person that takes action.

This is not for you if you'd prefer to have coaching be a

hobby. If radical honesty is offensive.

***This is not available for the general public.***

It's for serious USM coaches only.

Eli got the best psychology education at USM. She got the best business education

from her business mentor, Jeff Hoffman CEO of Priceline. He built that company from

start up to $1B. Eli is now working with companies in The White House, alongside Nobel

Prize winners.

An Evening with Wealthy Coach and USM Graduate Eli Davidson

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 7pm

The Intercontinental Hotel 2151 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Outdoor Living Room