It's Really All About Me

Tessa Rogers

Getting To Know Me

As most personalities go I am, well unique. I was born in Columbia and grew up with my very big family in Camdenton MO. A small and very trailer park town that my bunched up peculiar family lived in. I have twelve brothers; all are not to my mother and father. I have as of now three father, the biological father, the birth certificate father and my step dad who I claim most of all. My mother Debra is a hard headed woman with a lot of love. I have five sisters and if you’re asking, yes as a matter of fact I can absolutely name all of them all on the spot.

My hobbies are more like my life style choice. I like to write, cook and make others happy. I really don’t have many clubs or activities I do besides work and study. I have one main dream to get done when I grow up…to graduate high school. My family is not known for it’s academic success or well anything. No I’m not ashamed of it; in fact I feel it’s a chance to go beyond. My one big dream is to be the only girl in my family to graduate and go on with life. In my hopes I think this could seriously begin a trend and maybe just maybe my sisters would fallow my lead.

This is a kind of ultimate goal. If I can do that I can really do anything. I hope to one day be a famous publisher, like Stephen King or Dean Koonz. All I did this summer was writing and plan. I know unfortunately that not all writers make it in the world so my big back up plan is to open a successful bakery in my hometown. I love to cook and love to feed others. I feel like food can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

As most things go I am so excited to take this class because well I know it’s going to help me get to where I’m going to go. And a fact about me is that my brownies are the best thing you’ll ever taste. I believe they’re perfection.