Weekly Notes

June 8-12, 2015

Focus of the Week: Citizenship


Kuras Final Eval @ 8

Hrit Final Eval @ 10

Compton Final Eval @ 10:30

Riggs- Principal of the Day!

Maurus @ central office 2PM (two parent meetings)


IEP/MET @ 8:15 (Anthony, Compton, Giroux, Jacobsen, Kopy, Maurus)

Kopy Final Eval (after IEP)

Jocis Final Eval @ 10:10

Shufeldt Final Eval @ 10:30

Stauch Final Eval @ 3

Skowronski Final Eval @ 4

Dairy Whip (See email from Ashley for more details)

K,1,5 leave at 1:10

2,3,4 leave at 1:35


IEP/MET @ 8:15 (Anthony, Frisk, Giroux, Jacobsen, Maurus)

Hempton Final Eval @ 8:10

Middleton Final Eval @ 9

Woodham Final Eval @ 10:05

Bastine Final Eval @ 1:45

DesOrmeau Final Eval @ 3

Frisk Final Eval @ 3:45


Last Day with Students

Celebration Assembly @ 9:30

Chenoweth Final Eval @ 11:30

BBQ Lunch

Yearbook signing @ 2:30 (outside on blacktop if weather permitting, in hallways if inclement weather)


Paulisin Final Eval @ 8

Nick Final Eval @ 9

MTSS Meeting with Pat Drake (RESA) @ 10

PLC Word of the Week: Differentiation

In the context of education, we define differentiation as a teacher's reacting responsively to a learner's needs. A teacher who is differentiating understands a student's needs to express humor, or work with a group, or have additional teaching on a particular skill, or delve more deeply into a particular topic, or have guided help with a reading passage—and the teacher responds actively and positively to that need. Differentiation is simply attending to the learning needs of a particular student or small group of students rather than the more typical pattern of teaching the class as though all individuals in it were basically alike.


Differentiation in Depth

At our final workshop meeting (thank you to all who attended to help plan for next year), we had an interesting conversation about differentiation vs. interventions. I realized that I had been using the terms interchangeably and thus, incorrectly! Above is the definition of differentiation.

Please take the time to read this article from ASCD, which goes a little more into differentiation. I found it to be helpful when trying to change my mindset around what constitutes differentiation and what constitutes intervention.

Last Day Details

Wednesday: ​

Paint section lines (Brooke and Sue C.)


8:00 a.m.​ Set up stage (Chris)

8:45 a.m. Older students from Kids Care will help collect, transport and set up chairs for the Kindergarten and First Grade students. (Chris and Sue C. will supervise)

​Select 5th grade students will help set up chairs for visitors. (Chris, volunteers and Sue C.)

9:00 a.m.​ 5th grade students will bring out their chairs and return to their classrooms. (Tim and Ashley will supervise)

We will begin calling 2nd-4th grade classes to come out with their chairs and then return to their classrooms until 9:20.

4 fourth graders will be outside to help direct visitors and to hand out programs. (There will be chairs for visitors or they will be allowed to stand behind the chairs or on the public sidewalk.)

9:20 a.m.​ Classes will be called down.

9:30 a.m.​ Program will begin. 5th grade students will process in wearing their graduation caps.

After the ceremony, students will return to their classrooms with their chairs. Please DO NOT take students out for recess after the program. Some 5th grade students will stay behind to take chairs back to Kindergarten and 1st grade and to pack up the guests’ chairs. We should have some adult volunteers by this point too.

Volunteers for the JCC Barbecue will sign in at a table in the lobby and proceed out the back door. JCC will take over from here.

Lunch tables will be set up outside. (Chris and JCC volunteers).


Students may bring towels to “picnic” if they want.

2:00 White tables with chairs will be set up on the blacktop for staff yearbook signing.

2:30 Classes may come out for autograph signing.

3:00 Back to the classes for dismissal. We will have two monitors to help with crowd control during signing.


Last Week's Trends

Out of School Suspensions: 1

In-School Suspensions: 3

Administrative Interventions/Targeted Discussions: 11

Hot Spots: Classrooms

Tier 2 Example (from PBISWorld.com)

Did you know that you can use PBISworld.com to help you when you are stuck with a particularly challenging student? Make sure to check it out to help you when working on strategies.