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District 153 Needs Substitute Teachers!

We are really struggling this school year to find good people to fill in when our teachers must be out. If you are qualified and able, we'd love to see you from time-to-time in our classrooms! (See below.)

And Some Superheroes Wear Masks and Aprons

Just a shoutout for our staff in food services who continue to serve a nutritious lunch despite supply chain issues and shortages! Below is an article from the New Times about the issues facing school lunch programs nationwide.

Other Superheroes Carry Shovels and Bags of Soil

Like many of us human beings, the Willow School Courtyard Garden has become a bit “overgrown” during the long months of the pandemic. Armed with a $3,000 grant from the Whole Kids Foundation, volunteers from the Cook County South Suburban Master Gardeners aim to get the garden back into shape this school year. The gardeners will use the grant to re-establish the butterfly garden, purchase a new trellis for growing grapes and more. Many, many thanks to our local Master Gardeners and the Whole Kids Foundation!

L to R: Phyllis Warsen, Regina Zofeld, Karen Pepple

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