My Future Goals

By: Aryanna Williams

Snippet of My Life in Present Day

My name is Aryanna Williams and I am currently in 6th grade at South Valley Middle School, and I have just moved from Florida to Missouri. So far, I am not too interested in the big move because I am not used to how different it is up here in the cold weather with many different people. But in my new school I have a current GPA of a 3.8571 out of a 4.0 and my teachers are WAY MORE nicer than the former ones I had in Florida... and my mom says it's just because everyone in Florida are more judgmental than anyone else. Even though I have had a hard time adjusting to the big move from the TOO nice people and freezing cold weather I have made some nice friends as I have ventured around the school and town such as, Abigail, Halia , Emma, Dylan, and Mackenzie.

My Goals in 5 Years

In 5 years if you have not figured out yet I will be in 11th grade. In 11th grade when I am 17 I hope I have a stable enough job to make enough money for an apartment for myself in Florida, because I do not think I will stay in Missouri forever, and to also provide my mom and dad with at least 100 dollars for everything they did for me. Not only that but I hope that I keep straight A's and B's and that I stay active to lose weight towards my most honored career of becoming a Pediatrician or a OB/GYN.
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My Life Goals In 10 years

In 10 years after high school I will be the age of 22 and I hope I have received a full scholarship from my former high school to one of my dream colleges, Harvard, to receive my diploma which is in PhD or MD. In college to achieve this goal I will study hard and not get influenced by bad behavior that goes on in the college lifestyle
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My Life In The Next 15 Years

After I have had my fun in my college years and after I have received my degree I hope I have become a successful medical doctor and I am able to make my parents proud when I am at the age of 27. I still want to be considered a mommy's baby at my old age because she helps me stay focused on what I really need. But I do not see children in my near future as I have never wished for children as I believe my career was my number one priority with my sole mate standing by my side.
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My Life In the Next 20 years

In the next 20 years that follow I will be the age of 32. At the age of 32 I want to be working in my medical field changing and making the lives better for young children and the adults that follow along with them. Even though I will be successful does not mean I will not face my down days and when I do faced those dreaded days I want to maintain myself to become a good role model for others around me that may look up to me. I believe I will face many great accomplishments in my "planned" lifestyle. On my free time during my busy schedule at my medical office I would like to travel to explore different cultures with my future husband. And below is a inside image of the dream house I want to live in when I get older and start to explore new things.
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5 short-term goals to my big Long term Goal

-Workout and stay active

-Eat healthy

-Study for tests and exams

-Study medicine

-Have a good attitude towards people for my social skills