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Sites and Apps that Connect with Google Classroom


Google Classroom has been a definite game-changer in the education world with the ability to Share files with specific students or an entire class. Plus the ability to post important dates, events, and contact information have been highly beneficial. However, teachers are now taking Classroom a step further and actually incorporating web 2.0 apps and websites into their curriculum through Google Classroom. Kasey Bell, at Shake Up Learning, posted a blog post on 35 of these tools that connect with Classroom. Below are a few of my favorites from that list.


I've written about flat.io before, but this music creation tool is great for anyone teaching music. Students can create original scores of their work and then hear it played back to them. Their compositions consist of several instruments and the opportunity to take their learning or practice time and apply it to a new piece. The Share to Classroom feature allows the transfer of these files much easier.


NearPod is a tech tool that I am attempting to become more familiar with. I saw their booth at ISTE last year and it piqued my interest. This is similar to an interactive Slides presentation that allows students to become further engaged in the lesson and even participate in virtual reality trips. The Share to Classroom feature here makes the interactivity among students and teachers possible.


Easily one of my favorite tools in all possible web 2.0 tools, Quizlet is an online flashcard and term review site. Teachers can create sets of flashcards about important terms or states and capitals, or literature characters. Students then log on and complete games and quizzes to prepare themselves for assessments. The Share to Classroom feature here allows teachers to distribute their study sets without ever having to run a single copy!


A tool that I am using more and more is WeVideo. This is a great video creation tool that has a nice amount of storage, is easy to use, and offers up several options to create the best videos possible. There have been a few teachers at Sudlow who have had students use the tool and have been happy with it. The ability to Share with Classroom is definitely an added benefit of the site.

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