Library Lowdown

3rd Grade Version

Common Core Alert - New Series in Library!

We have a new series in the library that has fairy tales told by another character in the story so you get another point of view. For example, we have Jack and the Beanstalk told by the giant, etc.

Future Planning

With all the changes and days off school this year I'm sure your plans are just a shot as mine! I had hoped to work more on research skills in the library this year, but wanted to put a bug in your ear for next year. Much of what were are both teaching is research skills in some fashion. For next year it would be great to have some of the research for projects in class done in the library so I can tie these skills to authentic work and there's more of a connection between the library and the classroom. I do search skills, reference sources, and the very beginnings of citing sources. Think about it for next year. I can come to a meeting some time if you want to talk about it as a grade level. I'd do the same skills with every class, but it wouldn't have to be the same topics/projects.

My Big Campus

If students had never logged on to My Big Campus, they have now. All third and second graders know what it is and how to log on. Now I will be doing a lesson on what students should put online and what they shouldn't!

What Do You Need?

I'm working on ordering so there will be a survey coming soon about resources that are used and needed. Think about what you need the library to have for teaching the new standards, especially in science and social studies.

Thank You!

Thank you for letting me steal your students to finish their testing. I tried to get as many during indoor recess on Ace Days that I could. This is all brand new this year and has definitely been a learning experience!