Think before you drink

The liquid drug

Nerves and muscle control slowed down

The nerves of the brain and muscle control will make reflexs slower and inpaired. This will make actions and reactions times slower then normal. Drinking will cause body fuctions to react abnormally. You may have trouble talking due to loss of muscle control. Also you may have trouble walking due to loss of muscle control.

Esopagus cancer

Cancer to the Esopagus can cause swollen veins which can brust. Which then makes vigorous coughing or vomiting. It can also cause trouble to drink and eat. Cancer of the Esopagus will cause dysphagia which you will have trouble swallowing. This all then causes death.

Work problems

Drinking will cause work related problems such as missing work days. This will cause you to lose a job or will not get work done. Drinking can also affect the quality of your work. This can make your co-workers very un-happy in you. All these reasons will make you lose your house and money.

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