Lineville Technology

By Jonah Kiehn

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Typing Web

My goal this year for tech was Intermediate.

I think I've improved since last year.

Typing Web is a program that helps you be better at typing.

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Career Locker

I believe this site will help me a lot in the future for getting a job.

This site will help me get a good paying job.

In Career Locker I learned about what colleges I might want to go to.

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Explain Everything

This app will help me with my YouTube Channel.

My hopes are that this app will give me some spending money.

When it comes to working with a computer, I know it can also do pretty cool stuff.

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Hour of Code

When working with Hour of Code, I think it will help me get a good job.

I believe this site will help me navigate things in my job.

Hour of Code is very enjoying, helpful and fun to work on.

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