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May 25, 2023

Where in the Wang?

Somewhere in the school the subject of this picture lies. Find it first and win a prize. The first person to guess where this picture is will win a $2 gift certificate to the school store on Tuesdays.


Congratulations to JUAN MANDUJANO in homeroom 210. You correctly guessed where last week's picture was and won a school store gift certificate.

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Student Spotliglht

Is there someone you know who you think the whole school should know about too? Recommend them for our weekly Student Spotlight. Each week we're looking to highlight one student who represents the values of the Wang. Maybe they helped. you in Math class or offered you a shoulder to cry on when you were feeling down. Perhaps this person makes everyone laugh or just puts their needs behind everyone else's all the time. Whatever the reason, we want to know them. Click the button and put your recommendation in. The Newsletter staff will choose one person each week.

Yusra Nakato

Interview by Jadon DesRochers and Eleanor Ot

What's your favorite grade?


Who is your favorite teacher?


What's your favorite subject?


Do you like/do any sports?

I did volleyball

What's the craziest thing that has happened in school?

So one time we were in class and it was a test or something, and the boys bathroom was next to the room and we heard boys jumping and fighting and it was crazy.

What's your favorite thing about school?

My favorite thing about school is that we get to meet new people every single day.

What is your biggest fear?

You know the dam around Merrimack river? I feel like I’m gonna fall. Not getting food is my second fear.

What is your favorite thing to do out of school?

Eat food

Do you have any pets or pet history?

I’ve never had a pet

What grade are you in?


Ceiling Mural Sneak Peek

8th graders are working hard on their ceiling mural project. In 8th grade, students learn about how to leave their legacy behind. Students in each class work together to brainstorm a mural that will represent their homeroom.

Congratulations Room 129!

Students in 129 won an award at civics day for their action on trying to get bike lanes added to the city of Lowell. They were awarded the Action Civics Award. This was one of 5 awards given to middle school students across the city.

Recipes by Amy

BBQ Chicken


½ Cup Worcestershire Sauce

2 ½ Tablespoons Brown Sugar

1 ½ Tablespoons Ketchup

1 Teaspoon Cajun Seasoning

1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder

6 Skinless,Boneless Chicken Breast Halves

The Cooking Steps:

Step 1:Blend Together Worchestire Sauce,Brown Sugar,Ketchup,Cajun Seasoning,And Garlic Powder In A Large Bowl.Place Chicken Into The Bowl And Coat Thoroughly With Sauce Mixture.Cover And Refrigerate For 8 Hours To Overnight.

Step 2:Preheat An Outdoor Grill For Medium Heat And Lightly Oil The Grate.

Step 3:Discard Marinade And Grill Chicken On The Preheated Grill Until No Longer Pink And The Juices Run Clear,6 To 8 Minutes Per Side.An Instant-Read Thermometer Inserted Into The Center Of Chicken Should Read At Least 165 Degrees F(74 Degrees C).

Teacher Spotlight

Miss Newton

Interview by Amy Maldonado Melara

What Are Your Hobbies?

I like to read comic books because I am a comic book fan. Which is why I am really excited to read the students' comic books that they are currently writing as part of their Editing Unit.

Do You Collect Anything?

Yes,so I collected some doorables which are these little Disney Figures that I have collected since I was A kid and every year when they come up with New Movies there are new characters to collect. I plan to pass this collection on to my nephew as he gets older.

What Are You Passionate About?

Teaching! I love teaching because I like to work with students. My favorite part is when students who are having A hard time with something understand it after a while of working at it for a while and they have that “Aha” moment! That’s the best.

What Is Your Most Prized Possession?

It is A one dollar bill that somebody scribbled out George Washington and drew Hagrid from Harry Potter over it and it says you are A Wizard Harry. I collected it because I thought it was cool and creative that someone had thought to do that.

What Is The Greatest Accomplishment Of Your Life?

My master’s degree.That took me A while to get.And I was working 2 jobs full time while I was doing it, so that was A lot of work.

What Is On Your Bucket List?

Universal Studios: Harry Potter. I need to go to Harry Potter land ASAP and buy really expensive Harry Potter stuff like a robe, wand, the candy, ect.

What Is Your Favorite Recent Memory?

Taking my nephew to the Trampoline Park on A Playdate with Ms. Merlino’s Granddaughter and they were so cute together.

What Is Your Best Childhood Memory?

I really enjoyed when I was A kid in the summer when my mother would have us dress in our bathing suits and go to the front yard to spray us with the hose when it was hot out. We would also eat tons of ice pops. We would play out there for hours.

If You Could Change Anything About Myself,What Would It Be?

If I was not allergic to chocolate that would be great so I can finally eat A S'more.

How Do You Feel About Being Interviewed For A Student Newsletter?

Ohh I love it! I was so excited to be asked. It’s an honor



Want to buy some stickers AND contribute to the music department? During lunch this Wednesday - Friday, 3 students will be selling handmade stickers and bracelets. Donate to a great cause and get some amazing stickers.

Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day originally honored only those lost while fighting in the Civil War. This changed after World War I, and the holiday evolved to honoe American military personnel who died in all wars, including World War II, The Vietnam War, The Korean War and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For decades, Memorial Day continued to be observed on May 30th. But in 1968, Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which established Memorial Day as the last Monday in May in order to create a three-day weekend for federal employees. The change went into effect in 1971. The same law also declared Memorial Day a federal holiday.

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