Board Constitution and Election

2 March 2022

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Are you interested in joining a dynamic and future focused school Board?

In September we will be holding our School Board Triennial Elections and are looking to elect five parent representatives from our school community.

What are school boards responsible for?

Boards are responsible for the governance of the school. Elected board members have equal standing, voice, vote and equal accountability to ensure:

• every student at school can reach their highest possible standard in educational achievement, and the school

• is a physically and emotionally safe place for all students and staff

• is inclusive of, and caters for, students with differing needs

• gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Amending our Constitution

All boards have five parent representatives unless the board officially changes its number of parent representatives. Our current constitution states we should have six parents elected. We are meeting on Monday, 14 March to discuss altering the board’s constitution to five parent representatives before we begin the process for triennial elections. Public is invited to attend this meeting. If you would like to attend this online board meeting, or would like to learn more about standing for board election, please email our board secretary

Kind regards

Steve Toohey

Presiding Member

Farm Cove Intermediate Board

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