flowers for algernon

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charlie Gordon is the main character who has an IQ of 72 he is 30 years old and he gets and operation that makes him smarter when he does get smarter he falls in love with a girl, but he soon find outs that a mouse algernon who had the same operation is dead but charlie did not die he just got worse than the way he was.
Flowers for Algernon movie trailer


that is the 1968 version of the movie flowers for Algernon. charlie is still the main character but the place he is in before you click on the video is the school for retarded people he goes there to learn before the operation. the reason i put the 1968 one on is because it is my favorite one out of all of them
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Daniel keyes

this man you see in this book is the author of the book flowers for algernon. he wrote a great many other books but this was the most famous


the theme of this book is love yourself for who you are

book reviw

i really did like this book to be honest but there where some dull parts if i do say so my the part when he is learning it is so boring but he overall book is pretty good