People Change?

Main characters are changing due to their relationships!

Life and Works of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa changed peoples lives for the better. Mother Teresa put all she had into changing less fortunate peoples lives. She gave her time to the poor, and gave goods to the homeless. But more than anything, Mother Teresa gave her love to everyone. Mother Teresa gave until her last moments on earth.


Abby is the best friend that i have ever had. she has changed me for the better. Abby always encourages me to do my best. I used to not care about my grades at all, but then Abby came along. Abby helped me do better in school by encouraging me to stay on task and work hard.

Abby also helps me outside of school. Before Abby, when I used to have bad days I would go home and sulk in my room. Now that Abby is in my life, whenever I have a bad day I simply think of her and I feel infenately better.

Rachel Platten - Better Place (Official Video)

Better Place

Better place is a song that talks about the how much better someone's world is because you are now in their life. The song says "But it feels like I've opened my eyes again. And the colors are golden and bright again.". I think that this part of the song shows that the person is changing for the better. this song shows that love changes people more than anything. Everyone needs love to be happy.

Everything Everything

Everything Everything is a tale of Maddy's struggle for freedom. Maddy has a disease which causes her to be allergic to everything, so she couldn't leave her house. Maddy didn't care until Olly came around. Maddy writes , “I dream that I run away from home taking the bot I love with me. I dream that I saw the ocean and it was endless and that I could not find the end of it. I dream that I fall asleep in an unquiet room with the boy that loves me and that I dream that I've run away from home taking the boy I love with me. I dream that I saw the ocean and it was endless and I could not find the end of it. I dream that I fall asleep in an unquiet room and that I dream about the life I'm already living.” This quote shows that Maddy has changed so much that she can't belive that this life that she is living is her's.
Across the Universe is a book that follows Amy and Elder through their journey to find love, answers, and the truth. But there is a problem, Eldest has corrupted Amy's mind to make her more like the other people on the ship. " Oh! We are going fast! He says we are. She points at eldest." Because of Amy's trust in Elder, Eldest was able to get close enough to drug her. Will Elder find a way to fix her?

Dorthy Must Die

Dorthy Must Die is a story about a girl named Amy. Amy goes on a journey leading to battling Dorthy, who has become the new wicked witch of OZ. I thought that Amy had to change the most for her mother. Amy says, "There's no place like anywhere but here.". Amy had to become more responsible to take care of mother. Because she had to be so responsible, her life was miserable. That is why she thought that anywhere was better than her home.


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