By Austin Noel

Physical Description

  • Wolverines have thick brown and black fur on their bodies with yellow strips on their backs.
  • They have short legs and large paws,which help them to climb trees and mountain peaks.
  • Wolverines have sharp teeth and powerful jaws.
  • The size of a wolverine is 26 to 34 cm.
  • The wight is 24 to 40 pounds.


  • In summer they feed on chiefly and on small and medium sized mammals birds and plants.
  • Wolverines mostly eat deer rabbits and rodents.
  • Wolverines mostly eat meat.


  • Wolverines live in Europe, Asia, North America
  • It also lives in northern woods and tundras[cold treeless plains].
  • Wolverines are found in forests grasslands and mountain areas.

Interesting facts

  • The population of wolverines are less than 300 in the world.
  • Today wolverines are rare.
  • Wolverines are mammals.
  • They give birth to live young.
  • Wolverine babies are called pups.

Their young

  • The mom wolverine builds a den and keeps her pups safe.
  • The pups live with their mother till they are 2 years old.
  • The mom protects their young by using their sharp claws.