Psychological Disorders of Batman


Batman has suffered through many tragic events that have caused a variety of mental disorders for him. From seeing his parents killed to the gruesome villans he battles with, Batman can be diagnosed with the following disorders: anger management, dissociative identity disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Batman's anger began with the killing of his parnets. Ever since he saw them shot, he wanted revenge. Whenever a criminal does injustice, Batman becomes filled with anger and has the desire to serve them justice. Sometimes this goes even further with Batman severely injuring them which demonstrates his anger management. Batman's dissociative identity disorder began when he first decided to save the world by diguising himself. When Batman puts on his mask, he becomes a completely defferent person by becoming violent instead of the true business person he is. Finally, Batman's obsessive compulsive disorder began when he saw his parnets killed. Batman wanted revenge and in order to get it, he wanted to fight off villans. To help him reach his goal, Batman created a workout routine that takes control of his daily schedule. He also shows this disorder when fighting off criminals. He cannot leave a person in trouble so therefor it takes a hold of his daily life schedule.

Treatment for Batman