Fashion in America

By: Danielle Harbour

Combat Boots

Combat boots are a shoe designed for women fashion. They are popular for their comfort and durability. Since they last so long, the will attain the "vintage" style that is becoming more popular, and they will stay that way for longer then regular fashion boots.


Jordans have become VERY popular. They are a basketball style shoe worn by men and women. The Air Jordan company also makes clothing. It is usually athletic clothing, like basketball shorts, t-shirts, and athletic socks. Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, created them in 1984 and released his first pair in 2001.

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are another way to say long dresses. Maxi dresses come in many different colors and patters. They often correspond to the similar, maxi skirt.

High Waisted

High waist clothes can come in many different types. There are high waist jeans and high waist shorts, as long as high waist skirts. They are often worn with what is called a crop top so you can see the jeans, shorts, or skirt. Many girls own some sort of high waist clothing.