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Physical Geography

Havana is the capital of Cuba and it's the largest city in the Cuba.

Some physical features include Lake La Leche where its famous for canoeing or the Sierra Maestra Mountains where hiking and site seeing is common

Cuba has many animals and plants like the Bee Hummingbird, Red Rumped frog, and the Dwarf Hutia (flower)

Natural Resources are nickle, iron ore, caobalt, silicia, and copper.

Natural Disasters included bad volcanoes and lots of pollution.

The people of Cuba interact with the environment by studying animals, reducing pollution, and cutting down trees.

The Climate is Semitropical.

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Human Geography

The population for Cuba is 11,270,000 people.

The population density is 101 people per square mile.

The type of Government is Communist.

The GDP is $121 million.

The GDP per capita in Cuba $10,200

Imports in Cuba are Oil, Nickel, Sugar, and Tobacco.

Exports are Oil and Food

Places to visit in Cuba would be Old Havana where you can see various stores and camping sites or Morro Castle where you can tour the ancient castle which is very popular. The La Cabana is a popular place too.

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Cultural traits include:

  • Spanish Language
  • Religion is Roman Catholic
  • Foods are pork, chicken, rice, lamb
  • They do graphic Art
  • Main sport is baseball.
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Interesting Information about Cuba

The official name of Cuba is the "Republic Of Cuba".

Know for it's Music.

It's nickname is "El Coodrilo".

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