Nazi Germany

common English name for Germany from 1933 to 1945

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

This was a time period between 1933 and 1945 in Germany, when it was a dictatorship under the control of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Once Hitler become in power, he transformed Germany into a fascist totalitarian state, which controlled nearly all aspects of life. Hitler gained this power by blaming the Jews for the economic downfall after World War I. Once in power, Hitler, with the Nazi Party, invaded Poland, causing other countries to fight back, beginning World War II. As well as segregating Germany, Hitler began what we now call the Holocaust.
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Media Portrayed Perspective #1

During this time period, Nazi Germany used many forms of propaganda to convince the people of Germany that Adolf Hitler's leadership would change the country. Hitler used this propaganda to convince the people of his beliefs in segregating, invading, and fascism. Using racism as a central feature of the regime. This method was used through radio, public speeches, newspapers and poster campaigns. Propaganda involved telling the people what they wanted to hear, avoiding the truth, and saying they were treating these segregated people gently.
Adolf Hitler & Nazi Germany in Color HD (Rare Footage)

Media Portrayed Perspective #2

After the events that occurred during World War II, America had their many opinions formulated. Using many pictures of the events as well as newscasts to show the horrific side of Nazi Germany that was hidden from the world. We has a free country felt that what had been done by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, was truly wrong and against all morals in an inhumane way. America mainly generalized Germany by using the Holocaust as a representation of what went on during World War II. Using this one sided bias, Americans now have a bad outlook on Germany and their people. This was all possible through media portrayal of Nazi Germany during World War II.
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May 1945 - Capitulation of the Nazi Germany in German newspaper Aachener Nachrichten.

Media Bias

Nazi Germany showed biased media in support of their own leader. Considering if any media bias was used against their leader Adolf Hitler, they would be considered traitors towards their own country, putting their own life at risk. Through this time, most of the media was controlled by the government, which forced a lot of propaganda onto the people. This bias idea lead to segregation, invasion, and fascism by the Nazi Party.
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Criticism #1

Nazi Germany can be seen under the lens of historical criticism, seeing how Hitler came into power due to the economic crisis caused by World War I. This had been the perfect time period for a revolution to take place within the government. The people of Germany viewed Hitler's beliefs that were presented as what was necessary for the country. If Germany hadn't been suffering from an economic slump, Hitler may not have been able to influence the people in his beliefs and rise to power.

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Criticism #2

Through the culture Hitler was raised around, he saw the Aryan race as the master race. This cultural belief lead Hitler to believe that Jews and other races were deemed undesirable, pushing him to commit inhumane acts towards these people. Hitler also repressed all religious sects that were not Catholic. Through the lens of cultural criticism you see how Hitler created the Holocaust with the support of so many. If he was not raised with this cultural belief, then the Holocaust may not have ever existed.