Live On

Savannah Stauffer 6-7

Development of Theme Analysis

The setting of the hospital creates sad for Max, Gwen and the people that knew Freak. Freak is sick in the hospital, Max is worried about Freak, and so are others. When Freak is in the hospital and dies, that is the climax of "Freak the Mighty". Freak knows he is going to die, but makes others happy. Max is worried he is worried he is going to loose his best friend and eventually does. Max is sad and mad for a long time but eventually gets through it. Freak died and Max hold onto the bad thoughts. Max realized he needed to "Live On". Before Freak died, he gave Max an empty book and told him, "I want you to fill it up with all of our adventures."(page 150) A few years passed since Freak had died when Grim told Max something that changed his life, "Nothing is a drag kid, think about it."(page 160)

Reflection and Application of Theme

My theme was, "If things don't go your way, then live on." I agree with the theme because if bad things happen, we can't just keep holding on to them. When Freak died, Max kept on to the thoughts of Freak being dead and not the thoughts of the good times they had. Then he realized he needed to make the most of life. The author did develop the theme well. He showed how hard it can be to hold onto the bad things and forget the good things. Then for a year, Max held onto Freak dying. If he hadn't, he could have done more with his life.

Title of Book and Author Name

When two completely different people meet. Max, has dyslexia and is really big. Freak, has a growing disability and is really smart. When they meet, they make a big impact on each others lives. They eventually become "Freak the Mighty". They go on quests all over the place. They go through some tough things and Freak eventually dies. Max holds onto the bad things, then starts to think about the good things.

Author Information

Rodman Philbrick grew up in New Hampshire. He has been writing since he was a teenager. For many years he wrote mystery and suspense novels. Freak the Mighty has been made into a movie. Some of his other books are ; "The Young Man in the Sea", "The Mostly True", and "Adventures of Homer P. Figg"