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News from Room 215 for the week of May 11

Tisch's Tidbits


15 days...not that anyone is counting, but we are in the teen-countdown for the final day of school! We have some fun things we are doing as we wrap up the year! We have started our study of sharks for an experience your kiddo will never forget! This week we are learning about the external parts and their functions. Next week, we will learn about the internal parts/functions so that when the big day arrives, the kids will understand what they are seeing.

We are also starting our study of rocks and minerals. We had a wonderful presentation a few weeks ago introducing this unit! Today we started talking about forces that change the earth which lead into some wonderful discussions about volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes...the list goes on. I absolutely loved hearing all of their amazing thoughts! I have to admit-this is one of my favorite third grade units to teach.

We are continuing our study of multiplication with learning new ways to multiply. We have learned the box method, partial products, and today we learned how to use the lattice method. Your child may be asked how to show more than one way to solve a problem. Not to mention, there are more than one way to get an answer so a problem and one algorithm may click more so than another. Please let me know if you have any questions!

The kids did a beautiful job during ISTEP last week. Today was our last day!!!!

Field Trip

This Friday is our Zionsville Walking tour. Permission slips were due today. If your child comes home with one, please be sure to return it tomorrow so that they can attend on Friday. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and bring a disposable lunch for our picnic lunch at Lions Park. We will go rain or shine. :) If you are chaperoning, please arrive at the school around 9:00 as we will leave around 9:15. I have the following parents listed as attending:

Mrs. Kellerstrass

Mr. Coyner

Mrs. Laughlin

Please let me know if you I missed anyone's name. :)

Hope for Haiti

We have some wonderful third grade students working on a project to raise money for water purifiers in Haiti. This is a wonderful opportunity to do something generous for families in need in Haiti. Each one is $25 and is a true blessing to families. Feel free to send any dollar amount in and I'll be sure it's gets to the right place.

Our Classroom Page

We have started something new! Each day, two students create a post of their choosing on our class Facebook page. They use the life skill of teamwork to make it happen with a final look from me. They have loved it, and I have truly enjoyed their creativity! I can't wait to see what they post tomorrow. :)

Last Day Picnic

A third grade tradition is to have a pitch-in lunch on the last day of school. We will have a sign-up link here within the next few days if you would like to contribute something. :)


Mark your calendars! It's the wonderful time of year where we are learning about sharks! Shark dissection will take place on May 19 during the day with the training for parents taking place after school on Thursday, May 14 in Mrs. Brizzolara's room at 3:45. I currently have these wonderful parents on the sign-up list from the beginning of the year:

Erin Kellerstrass

Mike Miller

Ann Thrasher

Mike Alexander

Leslee Pettitt-Myers

Mary Kelly

Matt Coyner

If you would like to help and are not on the list, please let me know. Also, if you are on the list and can't make it, please let me know this as well. :)

The children will be learning the body parts and functions so you may be learning more about them than what you intended! Information as to the time of dissection will be coming home once it is confirmed. Most likely it will be in the afternoon. Parents will be trained and, depending on the number of volunteers, will then lead a small group of children through the process with a shark. The children always remember this experience! Please remember if you are coming in to help, you will need a full background check on file and these can take up to 10 business days to complete.

Multiplication Facts

Please remember to help your child to study their math facts each night. An ice cream party awaits those who know their facts through times ten!

Once Upon a Cure

The Stonegate family will once again be holding our Mini Relay/Field Day event, Once Upon A Cure on May 22nd. We are proud to continue our tradition of teaching our children the importance of giving to others and working as a team while promoting exercise and wellness.

What is the Mini Relay?

This year, students learn the concept of “giving to others” by asking friends & family for donations that will support our local families whose children have Leukemia. Our donations will go to Just Win, Ruby in honor of our Stonegate alum, Camden Cooper. With these dollars we will be able to continue support our Zionsville families affected by pediatric cancers. Students can use the chart on the back of this sheet to collect donations in honor of a child fighting for their health in any way, or in appreciation for a healthy child.

The day will be a combination of walking our laps for our fundraiser and participating in field day events facilitated by the Stonegate Elementary Dad’s Club. Events will correspond with our school’s writing connection, “Super Writers!” Students will learn explore the components comic book writing and empowering the Super-writer in all of us!

Students will use their Storybook collection chart (see back) to record each donation on storybook that will be placed around the walking track at the event. These “donation storybooks” will line our track and remind the students why they are participating!

On Friday, May 22nd students, teachers, and parents will all join together to celebrate our fundraising success.

You have the opportunity to order a t-shirt and/or shorts for your child to wear at the event with their classmates. This order form came home on Friday. The price is $10. Accidentally, a young large size was left off of the order form. If you would like this size, just write it on the side and circle it. These are due on May 1.

Thank you for your participation and donations to Just Win, Ruby! We can’t wait to see you out at the Mini Relay! Go Stonegate Superstars!

Keyboarding Camp

Your child has gone through Keyboarding Camp during library. On Friday, your child came home with a Keyboarding Camp tracking sheet. Here is the link to the screencast.

The tech team also has decided that it would be a fun thing for the kids to participate in a typing challenge. The students will keep track of their typing at home on a log sheet. These have been passed out in class to my 2nd – 4th graders.

Please let the kids know that the recommendation is for them to practice at least 3 times a week, but they can certainly do more. Also, I do realize that the log sheet starts this past Sunday, and we didn’t have them available yet. Let’s just plan on letting the kids know that their parents can vouch for any time they know they practiced during that time frame, and can initial accordingly.

The students who would like to participate will submit their typing logs by May 15th.

Permission Slip

This is just a reminder to return the permission slip for our Zionsville Walking Tour this week if possible. If you would like to attend, we would love to have you!! Please remember a background check must be completed, and they do take about 10 days to process. The price is $15.95 for this.

Survey Link

Here is the link for this year's parent survey:

if you are interested in responding.

School Supplies

If you are interested in purchasing school supplies for next year through the school, please go to this link:

Summer Tutoring

**Summer Tutor Available!**

Name: Erin Johnson (formerly "Miss Bivans" who taught 5th/6th grade at
Zionsville West Middle School from 2005-2010

Tutoring Grades: entering K-7th

Location: Zionsville Library

Dates: 8 week session from June 8-July 29, 2015

*Please email Erin at for more information!

There is also a fabulous team of ZCS literacy women who tutor. Once I get their information, I will send it along.

Summer Tutoring

If you would like to do summer tutoring through the school with fabulous teachers, please look at the attachments to the newsletter email or check with Mrs. Tisch.

A note from Mrs. Largent

Families, this message is applicable to only students that will be riding the bus on Tuesday morning, May 12th, 2015. SGE will be conducting our bus evacuation drill on this date/time. Our transportation department is mandated by our state to conduct these drills each semester.

If possible, our transportation department has requested that girls please refrain from wearing dresses, or if they do, they please request they wear shorts underneath them. Students will be safely practicing how to exit out of the back of bus, should an emergency evacuation ever be needed. Appropriate attire will assist in keeping students covered during this important drill.

Thank you for help with this matter!

News from the Media Center

End of Year Reminders from the Media Center

Next week, May 11-May 15: Librarians from Hussey-Mayfield Public Library will be here during library specials to share their exciting plans for the Summer Reading Program!

This will also be the last week for K -4th grade to check out books. I have talked with many of them about missing books, and have sent home some reminder printouts. Please help look for these books, and have them returned as soon as possible to avoid late fees.

Many of the kids have asked what they owe for missing books. I have been telling them that I will send out final reminders in the next couple of weeks after all the classes have turned in their books one last time. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

May 22nd: Final day to return all books/magazines to the media center.

Thank you!

Meds in the Clinic

Do you have medication in the clinic for your kiddo? Please be sure to pick it up before the end of the year.


May 14-Shark Dissection Training at 3:45 in Mrs. Brizzolara's room next to my classroom

May 15-Zionsville Walking Tour

May 18-Shark Dissection

May 20-Once Upon a Cure donations are due

May 22-Once Upon a Cure

May 25-No School

May 26-Once Upon a Cure rain date

June 1-Last Student Day!