Amedment 1

Freedom of Speech



Freedom of speech is the right to speak freely. You can say anything you want. You can express your opinion or argue about anything. For example, many people have the freedom to argue against the president on what he says. But, it is limited you cannot say certain things that will bring harm and is un necessary. If you scream "FIRE" in a movie theatreand there is really no fire it can cause harm.

Current Use

Current use:

Freedom of speech is used everywhere all the time. It is used for many different things such as debates, courts, and school. Everyone uses freedom of speech a lot. When you are in an argument you are expressing what you think is right. People use freedom of speech in negative ways to. When you curse at someone you have the right to since it is your freedom to speak what you want. But, using freedom of speech in a negative way can cause problems and could possible have you go to court for improper uses of freedom of speech.


My opinion

I think that people should definitely be able to speak freely on what they think. without freedom of speech many people would be unhappy. It would be hard to run our country without ideas and differences spoken. I think that people are aloud to speak freely in a positive and negative way. I think if someone wants to curse at you it should not be a big deal. But, If someone threatens that should be against the law for protection of your safety.



Freedom of speech was made a freedom because everyone should have the freedom to express what they want and to speak up and say whats right. People should be aloud to fight for what they think is right. They needed people to say their ideas and opinions to help our country become better. People should also be able to speak to guide people, like the president. Without opinions, ideas, guiders, and arguments it would be hard to run the country and many people would be unhappy.

The right to speak freely: