literary term project

Austin D.



setting: how the story starts.

:It starts with him on a building looking down at the street.

:I know this because it says that he was on the roof top near o, Connell bridge a sniper lays watching.

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Theme: The main focus of the story.

:The theme of the story is to not quit and keep searching for what you want.

:I know this because in the story he dedicates him self to find and kill this man.

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Irony: Is when something happens that is the opposite of what you wanted to happen.

:The Irony of the story is that he tuck all that time to kill that man but it turns out to be his brother.

: I know this because it say he turned over the dead body and looked into his brother eyes.

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: Protagonist is the main character of the story.

: The protagonist is The sniper.

: I know this because in the story it uses first person about The sniper.

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