Tudor Weekly Update


Up-Coming Events

Tudor Elementary School Up-coming Events


1/30 School Spirit Day - Sports Day


2/3 - 2/7 ACCESS Testing - for all ELL students

2/4 Visit Our Schools Month Tour 9:30

2/4 PTA Mtg 6:00

2/7 Winter Dance - 4th, 5th, 6th Grade

2/12 Awards Assembly K-6 9:45

2/12 Kids go home at 12:30 - Traditional Conferences Cancelled- Read about the Showcase

2/13 Kids go home at 12:30

2/13 Student Showcase 3:30 - 5:30

2/14 No School for Kids

Student Showcases are Coming!

Tudor Families,

You are invited to the Second Annual Student Showcase. The Tudor student showcase is an opportunity for your children to show you what they have been working on this year.

This open house event will take the place of traditional parent teacher conferences. Parents and children are invited to come any time between 3:30 and 5:30 on Thursday February 13th. During this open house students will be able to show you what they have learned, what work they are proud of, and what skills they are still working on. Families will have the opportunity to visit classrooms and teachers throughout the school.

Teachers who have concerns about student performance will be reaching out directly to schedule one on one conferences. The on-line conference scheduler will not be available. If you do not hear from the school and feel that a private one on one conference is needed, please call Mrs. Sommerville at 742-1062.

Please Note Pre-School Conferences will be scheduled by the teachers.

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Attendance Matters

Good attendance is crucial for the success of all students. If you are having problems getting your children to school on time please call Mrs. Sommerville at 742-1062 to see how we can help.

Exit/Dismissal Procedures - Please Help Keep our Kids Safe

2019/2020 Tudor Exit/Dismissal Procedure

When picking up children please note the following procedures:

  • If you are walking to meet your child/children:

    • Please meet them by the concrete benches or the flagpole

    • Please do not wait in front of the doors

    • Please do not bring pets onto school grounds

    • Please watch younger children and remind all children of safety rules

  • If you are parking and getting out of your car to meet your child/children:

    • Please park in a designated parking spot

    • Please do not block cars that are parked in designated spots.

    • When crossing the parent drive through lanes make sure to use the designated crosswalk

    • Plan on meeting your children by the flagpole

    • Do not park on the street and ask your children to cross

    • Do not pull into the staff parking (in the bus zone) and ask students to cross in front of the busses.

  • If you are using the drive through pick-up lane:

    • Parents are to pull up on the right to the far end of the drive through loop.

    • Parents will need to place a sign in their car with their child’s name to make loading of students more efficient

    • Students will only be loaded at the designated loading zones.

    • If your child is not at the loading area in a timely manner, parents may be asked to make a second pass

    • If your child is unable to get into the vehicle and buckle themselves in, please park and pick up your child.

    • Please watch for people crossing at the designated crosswalk

Year Book Information

Tudor Elementary School YEARBOOKS ON SALE!

Full-Color Yearbook...............................................................$12.00

www.inter-state.com/yearbook and enter this code: 43960V

Online Orders until March 4, 2020!


return form with cash or check payable to: “Tudor PTA”

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Cold Weather Gear

Winter is here. Please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for recess. All children are required to go outside to recess everyday, unless they have a doctors note.

Winter Weather Gear Includes:

Warm Coat (not just a hoodie)

Snow Pants




If you need help getting any of this gear please let your child's teacher know. We do have some resources to help families in need.

Notes from the Nurse

All non-prescription medications that you want your student to receive at school must be brought to the school nurse with a non-prescription medication form completed by the parent. This includes things such as: Tylenol, Motrin, cough medicine, hydrocortisone cream AND COUGH DROPS. Cough drops must be of the non-herbal variety for school administration. Please call Nurse Jen or Nurse Joy at 742-1051 if you have any questions.