Principal Update

May 24th - May May 28th, 2021

Preview: Resources for Holiday Schedule, 8th Grade Promotion, COVID Vaccine Information, Middle School Redesign Opportunity...

Happy Monday BMS Families!

We had a great week last week. As our admin team conducts classroom observations, we have been so pleased with the level of rigor our students are receiving during CDL instruction. We have noticed so many cameras on - it is really wonderful seeing our students faces on camera and in person. During CDL, our students have learned skills to help them engage and better support their learning: sharing screen options, presenting presentations, meaningful peer to peer collaboration, all while in a virtual setting...just to name a few of the necessary skills needed to prepare them for high school and beyond.

As we are nearing the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer, we reflect on how tenacious and dedicated our families have been. We want to encourage you to continue supporting your students with ending the school year strong.

Thank you kindly,

BMS Administration Team

Memorial Day Week Special Schedule

During the week of May 31, 2021, our students will be operating on our Holiday Special Schedule (found here). Please note the schedule has shifted. Monday's classes will be held on Tuesday; while Tuesday's schedule will be shifted to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday's schedule will remain the same. District provided transportation will be provided throughout the week for students who normally receive it.

8th Grade Promotion

The 8th Grade Promotion is around the corner. This promotion will be very similar to the one last year. We are working out the details and will send more information shortly. However, we would like for all students to submit photos for a student slide deck. Students can be pictured with family, pets, or while participating in personal hobbies. Please send personal photos to Mr. Chris Bach using this email address

Save these dates:

Wednesday, June 9th, Virtual Promotion

Friday, June 11th, Reverse Parade

Please see the flyer (Spanish version)

Resources during (and after) the death anniversary of George Floyd

Student Success and Health department resources

Supporting Students of Color page

STUDENT groups

District-wide Black Youth Crisis Recovery Group

· Information Flyer

· Sign up Here

· Get to know the facilitators

District-wide “Vibing & Thriving” Flyer A space for Black, Brown, and Indigenous POC PPS students (8-18) for healing, for hanging, and for holding each other in fierce love. Available all summer.

BMS Foundation Donation and Support

Dear Beaumont community,

It has been a joy to see students back in the building this past month. I saw smiles on both staff and students. I hope your student(s) is doing well and is able to take advantage of the opportunity to see friends and teachers in person. We are here to support you if you have any questions or concerns.

The school year is coming to a close and I want to keep you informed about budget changes that will likely impact Beaumont next year. As a result of the current circumstances, PPS cut approximately twelve million out of the budget. It had already applied other cost saving measures including a furlough this spring as well as reducing purchasing and freezing new hires. This means that Beaumont will likely see significantly less resources from the district for teaching and support staff positions. The Fund for Portland Public Schools, which is the fund that that takes in the one third contribution from school foundations across the district, will be important in reducing the impact of the budget shortfall next school year. Last year the Beaumont Foundation raised approximately $50,000. This year we have raised $18,500. We are hoping to close the gap. You can help mitigate the impact to Beaumont staffing by donating to the Fund for PPS (Beaumont middle school). We appreciate all the support the Beaumont community has shown the school and the staff over the year. We are stronger when we support each other.

Every donation counts.

Student and Care Takes Focus Group for Middle School Redesign

Do you want to have an impact on the middle school redesign process?

Join the Middle School Redesign Focus Group!

Portland Public Schools is redesigning the middle grades experience for our students. We don’t know what the redesign will look like because we haven’t heard from our students or caretakers on their hopes, dreams, and needs for middle school. It is important that we hear and learn from as many people as possible to help inform the redesign process.

Caretaker Focus Group

There will be two opportunities for caretakers to provide feedback on PPS’s middle school redesign. May 25th from 6:30-7:30 pm and May 26th at @10:00 am. Participating in this focus group will be an excellent opportunity to rethink our middle grades experience for your students.

We deeply value your feedback and look forward to learning from your experience.

Click HERE for Caregiver Focus Group Interest Form

I look forward to partnering with you.

Meisha Plotzke, Director of Middle School Innovation & Redesign


PPS and MCL are partnering on Library Connect! -- a project whereby students will be able to use their student ID# to access Multnomah County Library -- without having to sign up for a library card or remember a 14-digit county library card number. Final connections happening next week -- check out more here.

Information about COVID vaccines for students (ages 12 and older)


If you are interested in receiving more information or a COVID vaccine appointment, please review and complete this interest form.

CDC Updates and Governor Browns Expectations for Schools

General Resources and Opportunities

Grant Cheerleading Try-outs

We are excited to announce the 2021-22 Grant H.S. Cheerleading Tryouts are coming-up! All information can be found on the cheerleading website.