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Dater Montessori _January 2021 Edition

New Year, New Classroom

Dater Families,

Placement Procedure for 2021-2022

If you would like to request a classroom for your child for the next school year you are more than welcome to put in a request. You are asked to please describe the best type of environment for your child and do not list a teacher or teacher's names. If a teacher's name is listed the request will be returned.

Written letters can be submitted by Sunday, February 14, 2021. Yes, Sunday...Valentines Day is always the due date!!

Typically written letters are to be submitted to the school office by the due date. Due to the Covid restrictions this school year we will accept your letter through email. We ask that you please email Mr. Greco and copy Polly Nortman. Email addresses are listed below. The date we receive the email will be the day we use it as documentation.

*Cincinnati Bell Important Update from CPS*

The student free internet service with Cincinnati Bell is available to all CPS students in the CBT service area. However, it is available only at the student's address of residence as recorded in PowerSchool. If an account has been opened this past year at an address that does not match that of a CPS student, we attempt to reach the account holder to resolve the issue. If we cannot reach the account holder, we send a letter notifying them of pending disconnection of service and provide our email address in case of questions.

Please contact our Family Technology Support Help Desk at 513-363-0688.For any questions or concerns.

Remote Food Hub Distribution:

Every Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to noon in the front circle at Dater Montessori.

For the families who are unable to get here due to any transportation issues-please see below per the district:

In our efforts to reach as many students as possible for meal distribution, we are launching two mobile remote meal distribution trucks where many CPS students live but may not be able to have transportation to a school-based meal hub site. The mobile meal distribution will be on Wednesday, January 13th, Wednesday, January 20th, and Wednesday, January 27th.

Below is the route information -- each mobile truck will stop for 45 minutes at each site to distribute seven day meal packs.

Route 1:

· 9am-9:45am ... Shadymist Apartments ... 5890 Shadymist Lane 45239

· 10am-10:45am ... Colerain/Bahama Terrace ... 5498 Bahama Terrace 45223

· 11am-11:45am ... Hawaiian Terrace ... 5126 Hawaiian Terrace 45223

· 12noon-12:45pm ... Villages of Roll Hill ... 3710 President Dr 45225

· 1pm-1:45pm ... Millvale Apartments ... 2269 Millvale Ct 45225

Route 2:

· 9am-9:45am ... Findlater Gardens ... 595 Strand Lane 45232

· 10am-10:45am ... Winton Terrace ... 4848 Winneste Ave 45232

· 11am-11:45am ... Winton Woods Aparments ... 4880 Winton Road 45232

· 12noon-12:45pm ... Horizon Hills ... 1003 Grand Ave 45204

· 1pm-1:45pm ... Stanley Rowe Towers ... 835 Poplar St 45214

Thank you,

Mr. G ~

I Have a Dream ..

As we celebrate MLK this month, we have suggested some meaningful ways to celebrate. We also have created a Digital African American Museum. There is a lot of great information that you can use and view during this month and next.

Meaningful ways to celebrate MLK


Check out our Digital African American Museum here :

Safety Tips from Nurse Kisha

Message from Nurse Kisha,

Hello all,

I will be in the office Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm for medication pick up, COVID testing for students if needed, immunizations and/or immunization record updates, and for any other questions or concerns you may have.

While we are on this break, please continue to wear your masks and keep 6 feet distance while in public. Wash and/or sanitize your hands frequently and wipe down frequently touched items such as your purse, wallet, cell phones, car keys etc. Let's continue to do our part in stopping the spread!!

Please feel free to call my office 513-363-0921

Remember to follow safety procedures by being the best GATORS:

Get your mask on

Always wash your hands for 30 seconds

Take time to sanitize items

Observe 6 ft. by staying a Dater gator away

Reduce the spread of germs

Stay home when sick

Tech Talk with Julie Faller

“The Many Faces of Youtube”

Last month, we discussed the many distractions that occur in an online learning environment. Youtube is a double-edged sword when used for education. While there are many fabulous free, online videos available, its use also comes with pop-up ads and links to other Youtube videos that may distract students from the topic of the day. Or worse, it may suddenly offer inappropriate content unsuitable for your child. Only recently has CPS unblocked Youtube on its servers for PreK-6 students because the benefits of Youtube as an educational tool outweigh the deficits. However, there are “many faces” to Youtube, and understanding the different Youtube options can eliminate distractions for online students. KidzTube ( is a choice growing in popularity for both parents and teachers alike. Families can browse curated videos handpicked for all ages. You can search by category, by TV shows or even by “Trending” videos such as the recently released “dancing robots.” The advantage of using this website rather than Youtube is that the content is family-friendly and you can rest assured that videos are appropriate for all age groups. Another similar option for parents to download on mobile devices is Youtube Kids ( It’s a free App from Google Play or the Apple Store. Much like KidzTube, the App contains age-appropriate content curated for all ages. It also partners with parents in a way that allows parents to give feedback to the company that drives what video topics are chosen and helps develop resources which contribute to online safety. Both KidzTube and Youtube Kids comply with the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Check them out!

In Quarter 2, teachers were sent the tip below, More and more teachers are taking the extra minute to place a dash between the “t” and “u” in a Youtube URL address. As shown in the visual below, it’s a quick and easy way to eliminate pop-up ads and get rid of those pesky extra links that seem more interesting to the students than the link the teacher shared. Remember, this trick works at home, too! It’s a great way to wipe out distractions online!

Tech issues:

Parents will need to continue calling the parent line at 363-0688 or email Broken computers will still be able to be swapped out, but must go through the help desk to arrange a time to meet up with a tech from the district.

Work Day: Monday thru Thursday~ 8:45-3:45 (Remote Learning Schedule)

Voicemail: 513-363-0968 (Note: Voicemail is checked often throughout the day)


Google Meet Open Daily M-TH (Click Below)

Google Meet Hours:

Monday & Thursday~ 9AM-12:30PM

Tuesday & Wednesday~ 9AM-3:30

PLEASE NOTE: Attendance is taken daily at this Google Meet link. Students who access the link at times other than the ones listed above are in violation of the AUP and may have consequences. Families will be contacted.

>>> Google Meeet :

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A word from our Mental Health Partner


Whether you’re in a pediatric practice in the suburbs of the city, Parent Connext™ is available to help you with your everyday parenting challenges.

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Of course, we can also assist families with their basic needs, provide support for their self-sufficiency, and help improve their family stability.

Many families are experiencing economic hardship like never before, and it’s ok to ask for help.

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The Social Work Corner

by Christine Miller

Helping Children Cope with “Big Feelings”

Children can have the same big feelings that we do. The difference for adults, though, is that we have more life experience to know how to deal with difficult emotions. When our children feel fear, anxiety, or anger, they need our help to learn how to cope. Here are some tips:

Name the feeling

Help your child figure out which feeling they are having/were having. Putting a name to it can help validate their experience. Having a feelings poster or reading children’s books about feelings can be helpful to identify their own feeling. Here is list of 135 words to express feelings in the six categories of anger, fear, joy, love, sadness, and surprise:

Normalize the feeling

It can be confusing for a child when feelings take over and lead to behaviors they

may not usually have. Explain that all people have these feelings sometimes, and we all have to learn how to manage them.

Talk about the brain

Our brains and our bodies are connected, and our brains send out signals when we experience certain “big feelings.” Explain that we have a part of our brain (thinking brain) that is in charge of making decisions, thinking things through, and managing our emotions. Explain that another part of our brain (emotional brain) is in charge of important things like breathing, digesting food, and holds onto big feelings like anger or anxiety; this part of our brain also reacts to any threats, and can make us feel like we need to run (flight), fight back, or freeze. Sometimes this part of our brain overreacts, and we need to try strategies to calm it down.

Practice self-regulation skills

When children are calm, their thinking brain is on, and this is the best time to come up with a plan for when their emotional brain tries to take over. Encourage taking a break (not a timeout), deep breathing, releasing angry energy by exercising, and relaxation strategies such as progressive muscle relaxation, coloring, calm down jars, music, etc. Practice these repeatedly when they are calm. Helping your child begin to recognize their body’s early signs of a big feeling (heart racing, clenched jaw, etc.) can help them learn when to employ their self-regulation skills. Mindpeace has created virtual “rooms” to help students decompress and practice social-emotional and resiliency skills that can be accessed at any time here:

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s management of his/her feelings/emotions, please reach out to Christine Miller, Dater Montessori’s School Social Worker at 363-0982 or email at to discuss resource options.

Unity Fair

As we get closer to the time of our Unity Fair, we wanted to find a creative way to celebrate and embrace the unique differences and cultures.

Unity Fair Cookbook


We are making our first Dater Montessori cookbook! The cookbook will celebrate our school’s international community as we cannot host Unity Fair this year due to Covid-19. The recipe can be from a family’s home country or a just a favorite family recipe. Send us your best ones!


You can email Mrs. Abrahim ( a recipe in your native language.

You can write on the recipe paper (in any language) that will be included when you pick up a packet.

You can fill out the google form and use Google translate (see video).


All recipes are due by Friday, January 22!


The cookbook will be shared with Dater families to celebrate our diversity and unity. It will include student artwork as well!

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Montessori Home Tip of the Month

As we start a new year, this is a great time to start or continue Montessori practices at home. Below are some recommended podcast to help understand, promote, and execute Montessori values.

Montessori podcasts // Parenting podcasts

  • Unruffled
  • Tilt Parenting
  • Baan Dek Montessori
  • Montessori Education
  • The Art of Parenting
  • Child of the Redwoods: Montessori Parenting
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Virtue of the Month


Two incredibly important gifts we give to children in the Montessori environment are the gifts of grace and courtesy. It is often called "the invisible curriculum" in the Montessori classroom. There are no specific materials to teach it, although it is integrated throughout the Montessori curriculum and classroom. It is through the staff's dedication to the Montessori philosophy and method that we work to instill empathy, compassion, patience, thoughtfulness, and forgiveness by word and deed every day.

Forgiveness truly lends itself to peace and freedom! Maria Montessori believed in promoting peaceful interactions among children and fostering forgiveness. You may see peace tables, peace roses, and/or peace doves in Montessori classrooms. Ask your child's teacher how they promote peace within their environments!

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Free Store Food Bank and Pop Up produce

Free store Food bank has partnered with Dater Montessori to provide Power Pack meals for the weekends. Our next distribution will be on January 13th from 7am-12 pm in the front circle.

We also will have a fresh pop up produce on January 29th from 12-4pm. We will be able to feed 100 families!! This will be located in the front circle. Please remain in your car as we will load your food in your vehicle. If you are interested in volunteering to help safely distribute food please contact Teasha Tennyson

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Stay Connected

Staying Connected

We know that we are "socially distancing" but we can still get connected. We still have a wonderful Montessori Community that you can get involved in.

Here are our upcoming January events:

4- Return for Students Remote Learning

6- Food Hub ( and every Wednesday of the month 7am-12 pm)

6- FODM Coupon Book Sale ends

8- Packet pickup in front circle 3pm- 6pm

11- No school PD day

11- PTN meeting 6-7 pm >>>

12- Report Cards emailed

12th- Start of Lottery High school Application (6th grade only) >> info on applying to H.S. in CPS >>

13- Power Pack meal Distribution 7am- 12pm

14- FODM meeting

18 - MLK day No school

28- LSDMC meeting

29- Pop Up Produce 12pm- 4 pm

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Teachers can still use your help! We are always looking for additional online support with working with small groups online, helping teachers prep work, virtual room parents, and more. If you are interested, please click here. We will be in contact soon.


Virtual Tutoring

Children are able to get free CPS Virtual Online Tutoring! This virtual platform offers, free, on- demand, online on one tutoring with qualified and approved helps. Please click HERE for more information.

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Phone : 513-363-9000

Office Hours : Wednesday & Thursday 7:30 am - 2 pm




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