Mrs. Mitzel's Classroom News

Monday, Sept. 22 - Friday, Sept. 26, 2014

Field Trip T-shirts

Each class has their own color of T-shirt to wear when we go on fieldtrips. They are $7.00 each. Order forms and payment for Field Trip T-shirts are due by September 30. Order forms have been sent in the take home folder. If you need another one, let me know.

Scholastic Book Fair - September 29 - October 3, 2014

During these days you may send money for your child to visit the bookfair.

Visit SMNE's Scholastic Book Fair Home page at or by clicking "SMNE Bookfair" below.......

(Note: I have just noticed that when you go to the site OR click on the bookfair, it says that it has ended. This one HAS NOT ended... I think it is only because the LAST one we had has ended and THIS one has NOT actually begun yet...)

SMNE Fall Frenzy - Saturday October 18, 10am - 2pm

Come out and join in lots of fun with games, face painting, pictures, bounce houses and more! Enter the costume contest!

What we are learning this week:

Our weekly story: A Fox and a Kit

Question of the week: How do wild animals take care of their babies?

Spelling words: sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits, nap, naps

High frequency words: eat, five, four, her, this, too

Amazing words: observe, parent, wild, canopy, screech, million, reserve, native

Phonics: Inflected ending -s, Inflected ending -ing

Conventions: Declarative sentences

Math: Understanding Addition

Homework this week:

For spelling homework students may do Spelling City assignments rather than writing in the journal.

Read the weekly story each night

Monday - Language Sheet - Write spelling words 3x each OR Spelling City assignments.

Tuesday - Math Sheet -Sentences with first 5 spelling words OR Spelling City assignments

Wednesday - Language Sheet - Sentences with last 5 spelling words OR Spelling City

Thursday - Math Sheet - Put spelling words in alphabetical order OR Spelling City

Friday - No Homework! Have a great weekend!

You can find copies of the homework sheets below. If at any time you happen to not find the sheets in the take home folder, you can print them or use the image as a guide to do the problems on blank paper.

To simply VIEW the homework page, just click on it.

To Print: Right click on the image and choose "Open link in a new window". When the image comes up in the new window, Right click on it again and choose "Print". (Note: The page that prints will be smaller than the full sized regular page. I'm not sure how to change that, but at least you're able to get the homework if for any reason you need to)

September Breakfast

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September Lunch

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Links to Learning games:

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