Who I am? By: Blake Dehart

" I was born to awsome not perfect".

Who I Am?

interest: basketball, football, and trumpet

skills: trumpet, basketball

values: Basketball, trumpet

self-esteem: mid- self-esteem

Where I am going?

Job discription: solve mysterys, fight crime, protest in court, and arrest criminals

median salary:$ 55,270

Job outlook: provide publice safety.

Cluster: law and order

work schedule: to patrol the highway, and be ready 24 hours a day.

work enviroment: dependent, slow, always on the job. orderly

something interesting: you can get to go on high- speed chases.

How I am going to get there?

College: UAFS Fort Smith, AR This because my family went there to get taught. close to home.

What Degree: High School Deploma

I will just go and work with my dad at his mechanic shop.