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Be In the Know -- May 2015

Change is the One Constant in the Media World

A few weeks ago I finally - with great nostalgia - removed all the videos from our DVD film collection. I know this culling was overdue. I put it off because I know that many of these videos never made it into the DVD format. Moving from video to DVD/digital often requires renegotiating rights to the footage/images and narration in addition to the great expense of commercial conversion to digital. Many great films never move beyond the video format because of these obstacles. Nevertheless, I had to say goodbye to many videos, videos I knew to contain excellent content. It was hard to do.

Also, consider that the newest laptops don't even include DVD drives. With this in mind I had to search for options.

Enter Films on Demand, a film streaming service representing a wide range of subjects. This product includes sectioning so one can focus on just the content needed. Transcripts also provide quick access to content. A streaming collection like this doesn't take the place of a custom collection based on teacher requests, but it can provide quick access to a wide range of academic subjects. Look for Films on Demand coming next Fall.

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CNN 2010: "Soriano, 38, is a primary school teacher who spends his free time operating a "biblioburro," a mobile library on donkeys that offers reading education for hundreds of children living in what he describes as "abandoned regions" in the Colombian state of Magdalena."


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Students: You already have a SAAS library card.

Your student ID card doubles as your library card. And, if everything goes as planned and we move to self-checkout next year, you will have to know your ID! So get ready.