Push and Pull Factors

World Geography

Religious Persecution

Adolph Hitler convinced the German people that the cause of the poor economic state was because of the Jewish people. This caused a revolution that lasted many years of torture, murder, isolation, and lies directed towards the Jewish people.

Ethnic Persecution

Currently, in Israel there are many East African people seeking asylum in Israel because they want freedom. The Israeli government doesn't want them, though. The East Africans are holding protests saying that their statements are unjust according to their own laws.

Environmental Factors

The air quality in China is very poor. Pollution from the many factories and transportation systems that they have is causing higher rates of asthma and respiratory diseases.

Economic Motives

There are many theories that Obamas interest in Syria is over oil opportunities, not concern on chemical weapons. There is opportunity there, so that is not so hard to beleive.

Forced Migration

Burma is forcing their people out of the country to Thailand because if he oppressive government and harsh authority.