Peer Ministry Meeting Agender

October 3, 2013

Opening Prayer

God, You are the reason for our school and You are the reason for Our Ministry. We strive to continually remind ourselves of our purpose. We serve you lovingly and as we reap benefits of sharing your love with the world, may we continue to be your hands with which you share, the feet with which you walk and the voice with which you speak Your truth to the World.


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Room # CampusMinistry

New Team Names?

Daily Mass Reminders

Monday October 7th - Brianna

Tuesday October 8th - Manuela

Wednesday October 9th - Darby

Thursday October 10th - Antonella

Planning Time

  • Junior Retreat
  • Contract
  • Chapel Renovations Project

Prayer Cards

  • Eparza Family
  • Anyone Else?

Team Updates

The Second Coming - Sophomore Retreat - Brianna, Matt, Therese and Morgan

Team #2 - White Mass - Randy, Manuela, Suzie and Eric

Team #3 - Good Idea, Bad Idea Video - David, Chiara, Fiona, Maria and Sammie

Team #4 - Junior Retreat - Antonella, Darby, Jonathan and Ashley

Team #5 - Mass Awareness Video - Cody, George, Sabrina, Kathy and Brittany

We are making this video for our school!

Team #6 - Christmas Caroling Project - Allyssa, Andres, Emily, Dana and Marcela

Upcoming Projects for October

  • Junior Retreat - October 23rd
  • White Mass - October 27th

Prayer Requests

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Closing Prayer