Russian agriculture

By Ethan & Micheal

Russian Agriculture

Changes in ag

Before the gasoline engine people were still using horses to pull their equipment.

Tractor Time

The first tractor were made in the late 19th century but those were steam powered then the internal combustable engine was made in the mid 20th century. The engine was made it took awhile for it to reach Russia. Being made in the U.S and Russia having very little money to afford it. But when Russia started a few tractors companies.

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant

Founded in 1933. The Chelyabinsk Tractor plant is a large maker of bulldozers and tractors

CHETRA Tractor Company

Large is the manufacturing of Tractors and Big Trucks.


In 1957 John Deere released it's first four and six row planter. In which Russia leased from John Deere to started larger farms. Russia then reengineered the John Deere's planters into three row planters.

The gasoline engine.

In 1923 the two cylinder engine came out.

After the tractor was made horses were being used less and less.

Farmers were selling their horses for new tractors.


  1. For the longest time the plow was made of wood.
The plow is an example of what has changed over the years.

How the plow has changed over time.

The plow was first made of wood, this was a good idea but after awhile the wood started to splinter and after awhile it started to break apart.

A man named John Deere.

In the year 1837 in Illinois a blacksmith named John Deere made the first cast steel plow.

How did this change the way Russia farms.

With the new steel plow farmers were able to cover more ground then with the wooden plow.

How have they grown

By the year 1855 John deere had sold over more then 10,000 steel plows.

And Russia had caught on to what John Deere had done and they started to build steel plows of there own.

Plowing made easer

Because of the slick surface and the curled shape of the metal the blade of the plow was able to dig deeper and the soil didn't stick to the blade.


Before the self-propelled combine horses were being used to pull old sickle mowers that cut down the crop.

Or if They couldn't afford a horse they cut it down by hand with a scythe.

Then they went out with rakes and raked them into piles or heaps.

A team of horses went out pulling a hay rack and the farmer then loaded it up on the hay rack.

Separating the grain

After it is cut down it is ran though a thrashing machine to collect the grain and remove the waste.

The grain

The grain is then put in to storage to hold it for when it is needed.


The first combine came out.

It was a pull type combine that had a PTO hook up to the tractor.

It works like any other combine that we have to today the only difference is that it doesn't have its own engine.


The first self-propelled combine is made.

This means more comfort for the farmer.

The farmer will be able to complet more arces in less time.