Wounded Warrior Project

the greatest casualty is being forgotten

Our Mission

The wounded warrior project tries to help raise awareness of the needs of injured service members and to aid them. We make sure to take care of the wounded soldiers and their families. This charity is very important to our country and it would be amazing for new members like you to join our mission! So far our charity has been growing quickly and we are very proud of how good we have been doing so far.

In order to work for us, there are a few requirements you must meet. You must be a post 9/11 wounded warrior, served in theater after 9/11, eligible for VA benefits, separated from military service, and willing to relocate. The qualities we seek in our employees are generosity, experience with aiding others, nursing experience, office experience, and good with people. If you wish to obtain a position here, email paigebaily@gmail.com with your cover page and resume, in the subject line of the email write charity application.

wounded warriors

Wounded Warrior project


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